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TILAK -an esay.



Bal GangadharTilak was born on 23/07/1856 at Ratna giri –mountain of jewels- in west coast of India. His father was a school master turned inspector and Tilak learnt Sanskrit and mathematics  from his father. Tilak lost his mother when he was 10. He got  married  Tapi when he was16. As a aboy Tilak had good affection for controversy and his dialectical skills won him many laurels. He was nicknamed mr.Blunt.
Tilak was BA in Maths and  did LLB. He was always first class student in academics. Agarkar was his friend and both of them were influenced by Vishva shastri chiplunkar who taught them good English.
. Chiplunkar,Tilak,  and Agarkar who  were called trio then ,started one English school by name New English school on 01/01/1880.   Mahratta a English magazine,and Kesari  a marathi magazine were brought out by them.
Tilak and Agarkar were sent to prison for four months in a defamation suit filed by Burve- Dhivan.
                                                            Deccan  English society was born on 24/10/1884. Tilak taught mathematics and his best friend Agarkar taught history and logic. Deccan  college was as well taken over by DES in the year 1887.
Selfish interest of his friend paved way for Tilak leaving DES.
Tilak  told, ‘ ..but in the hope that by severing myself from you I may perhaps  help you in pereserving harmony’.
It is an irony and also a record that Gokale himself refused admission for M.K.Gandhi in Servants of India society.  On his coming into the society .personality clash may sprout Gokale inclined.
‘ mountain peaks may appear inviting and impressive but it is no easy to live in close proximity’ was the explanation given. But they two became very close in history there after.

Tilak found much time to work more in magazines they started. Agarkar started a new magazine ‘sutharak’and Tilak wrote many English essays in it. Relief from Deccan English society made him search for more national service. West had only little interest in learning our religion or our people with their tradition.  How our day to day life is linked with the spirituality of our own was not understood by them.
Tilak aspired for regeneration of Hindu society. He thought that that could be achieved
only through political process. He believed that freedom of our country would bring those reforms.
In 1886 Tilak wrote that in England kings were set aside by 17 th century but only the 19th  century brought the expected progress in the English  society. He raised the question that why Ireland
was still a vassal if the British were really freedom loving..
The following were the social reforms Tilak expected.
  1. Girl should not get married before the age of 16.
  2. .Boy should not get married before the age of 20.
  3.  No man should marry after 40
  4.  second marriage only with a widow
  5.  liquor should be prohibited
  6. dowry should be abolished
  7. widow should not be tonsured
  8. 1/10 th of income should be allotted to the social reform.
                                               No one came forward to accept the above suggestion from the reformers group. It is an irony that you cannot imagine abolition of liquor even today. In the year 1961 only law to Dowry ban was introduced.
Tilak opined that those who want to live according to their whims and fancies should do it no doubt  but only on desert.  Path of compromise was the only way for harmonious living he asserted.
Here we may recall the words of Ranade,’ moderation implies the condition of never vainly aspiring after the impossible or after too remote ideals but simply to take next step in order of natural growth.’
On the ‘renaissance of Hinduism’  D.S. Sharma is also putting forth  near similar idea. The reformer has to spread knowledge, the politician has to generate power.
Tilak inaugurated Ganapati puja and Shivaji festivals. He became a councilor of Poona municipality. He adorned the positions of Bombay university senate, and Bombay legislative council.  Sarva jana sabha was begun in the year before the birth of Indian national
Congress  and Tilak became its  leader in 1895.
Lala lajapat rai, Bal gangadhar tilak,Bipin Chandra pal were the trio  Lal,Bal,Pal who dominated proceedings of Bombay congress  of INC  in 1889.
‘ we must approach the trader, the artisan, and the working man as well as the educated class and make all of them subscribe to congress fund’ Tilak represented the proposal.
                         God Ganapati was a mythological character, and Shivaji was the founder of Maratha empire both occupied the heart of Tilak.  Shivaji festival was began in the year 1896. Knowing electric magic in the mere name,  British too used Shivaji s’ name to inspire the common people for recruitment of soldiers in Indian Army during world wars.
When critics placed before him the argument that shivaji s’ festival would end up with anger Muslims Tilak said it wass to kindle Indian national spirit.He honoured the national  figure Shivaji  and we can proudly say by that he too became another national figure in Indian history.

                 A bold peasantry the countries pride
                  When once destroyed cannot be supplied, was always his inner content in every argument  He gave reverence for strictest regularity and utmost sincerity in his day to day activities.
He discussed about   out burst of plague and its devastation. Excesses committed by British got exposed by his brave pen Rand and Lt Ayerst were murdered on 22/06/1897. He wrote an article about the incident.
 Queen s’ diamond jubilee celebrations   were severely commented by Tilak.He was considered  fighting fire during the period. Daily Mail wrote the Poona Brahmin is notorious through out the whole of India and the educated among them particularly so.
In Keasri he wrote a poem on greatness of Shivaji He was arrested subsequently. Tilak emphasized that patriotism no longer   lay in oratorical flourishes but in the spirit of ‘ dare and do’.
Tilak in jail worked in the Production of coir by supplying coconut fibres to the hand run machine.His weight was reduced  from 135 lb to 105 lb thanks to the physical labour that was imposed..
Maxmuller who mastered Indian Vedic literature rendered their  essence in English and sent a copy of his book to Tilak  
When he was questioned, how could there be any happiness in prison? His reply was ‘you wo’nt understand it unless you go there.’
As man of  immense courage , he said
‘you will be betraying and disappointing them if you show a lamentable want of courage at a critical time.
Baba maharaj was in death bed due to cholera. On 07/08/1897 Tilak called on him. At the request of dying person a trust was formed. . Khaparde, kumbhajkar,and Nagpurkar and Tilak
were the members of the trust. Baba maha raj s’ wife was expecting a baby. Baba Maharaj instructed that the baby would also die after few months and so some arrangement might be
made for adaptation in his family only there after. As  Baba said  born son also died after five months.
Problem arose in adaptation  Nagpurker turned hostile for  he wanted that his might be adopted instead of one Jagannath  as per wishes of  other members and wife of Baba Maharaj.
Bala Maharaj of kolhapur was also  nominated for adaptation. Poona district court decision was set aside Bombay high court and Baba Maharaj s’ will regarding adoption  was aborted. The widow also died. These two court cases had eaten away all the energy and enthusiasm of  great leader Tilak.
On 25/03/1915 privy council  gave a judgement in Jagannath favour But  Tilak was in prison in Mandale. Bombay government   turned deaf ear to privy council s’ decision. Objection were raised by Kolhapur state against the privy council decision by ill will  and instigation of the Bombay  government. Later the case was set aside .In February 1917 Jagannaath maharaj got his right as a  successor to Baba maharaj. Tilak said, ‘ two cases  consumed all my mental and physical powers for years.’

In 1904 Tilak visited Chennai. He went to Ceylon and Burma.He said ‘ although Ceylon and Burma were socially far more advanced than India ,they were politically in the same boat.’
We infer from Tilak s’ understanding that there is no inherent connection between social reform and national regeneration.
 For the criminal offence of murder of Rand,  Chapekar was  hanged and  in continuation of that Dravid brothers were shot dead. Quoting the source as Globe of London
Times of India wrote, the campaign of murder which Tilak directed if he was not its’ organiser’
Tilak  in Kesari fittingly replied,’ congress and coferences are not meant for flatterers and such persons as to raise memorials for each and every governor, but for those who will not hesitate to voice public opinion in a fearless but temperate manner’.
Kesari  was published for 21 years. 700 to 1300 copies were sold. Tilak put forth that we write for the rulers but in order that the readers might imbibe our spirit and understand our thoughts our agonies and our indignation. Tilaks’  first son Viswanath died of plague in 1903.and  another son  Bapu was running high  fever the next day but Tilak was revising manuscripts for his magazine calmly.
In 1932 Lady Linto told Gandhi, ‘ the separate electorate your leader Gokale is proposing but you are not’. Gandhi answered ,
      ‘ Ah’ Gokale was a good man but even good man may make mistake’.
The extremists of today would be the moderates of tomorrow just as moderates of today were extremists of yester year Tilak explained. Freedom will not descend from above,the people must rise to it and wrest it from unwilling hands, he opined.
 Partition of Bengal came in the year 1905. People of Bengal rose against partition. People of every religion tied raki in their hands to show their solidarity.Raki stood for the symbol of unity.
In west technical and industrial education is an important part of education but the educational instituitions in India were intended to produce only petty officials. Tilak held the opinion that to draw a nation together there was no force more powerful than a common language.
In surat on 27/12/1907 Tilak observed that congress was dissolving in chaos. He found that moderates and extremists were in different positions opposing each other.
Tilak sentenced to transportation in july 1908.
‘ what govt will do is to remove me from the large prison to a small one’ Living in  British India then was  prison life to every individual.
 Kudiram bose and Prafulla chaki threw bombs at District Judge,  Kings ord but  two European women were killed in the incident. Tilak put forth, ‘ if you do not make beginning to give it we wont stop bombs.
Tilak hears the transportation judgment but puts forth the following,
‘ there are powers that rule the destiny of things and it may be the will of providence that the cause which I represent may prosper more by suffering than by my remaining free.’
In protest against judgment six days of hartal observed and 14 people killed and 30 men wounded. From 23/09/1908 he was in the solitary cell in Mandaley prison.
In the prison Tilak wrote Gita rahasyam a treatise on Bagavat geeta. Kulkarni prepared the food
In the jail and Tilak attended him when he was under bad health. Tilak s’ wife died on 07/06/1912
.                                    From November 1910 to march 1911 he was in the task of writing the great book Gita rahsyam.  He  took meditation for one hour and was reading books till 1.30 pm  night. He was diabetic too. On 08/06/1914 He was released from Mandaley jail.
Following three were given importance by Tilak  after his release.
Unity in the congress
Reorganizing the national party
Formation of home rule league
Gokalee and Tilak  met in the presence of Annie bezant. But  within short period of time Gokalee expired.
A very simple definition  for home rule Tilak gave was this.
‘ I should be in my own country  what an English is in England
 In the meet   at Surat  in the  old dilapidated Fench garden  the differences between the moderates and the extremist in Congress party  was at its’ peak but in Lucknow Cogress when they assembled for  in lovely  garden  of  Kaisar bagh of  king Waji d Ali shah,  a new energy was  reborn amid party members. Moderates, extremists and muslims joined together and discussed. There was  cnfluence a Triveni  In  Indian national congress. People began to think ‘ if Japan is independent and can do its, governance of its’ own why not we Indians do’ .Self confidence among Indians attained its’ peak.
 Mantford  reformations were introduced later,Tilak questioned , ‘it is dawn but where is the sun’

On 24/09/1918 Tilak sailed for Britain. Chirol  a journalist described him , ‘father of Indian unrest’. In London Tilak lived at 10, Howly place, Maida vale,and later shifted to
60 Talbot Road
Paddington  at the request of Indian owner. The 10 Talbot road  London  still stands as a hostel for Indian students and assembly hall of Indian students and rendering justice to the memory  of  great man.

 on13/04/1919 at Jalian wala bagh  in Punjab a massacre was enacted by British and 379 men died and 1200 injured.  Much worried Rabindra nath tagore renounced his knight hood.

                                             Tilak always reminded, to accept whatever is given but to continue to fight for more’.Acceptance of  what is given primarily reveals the admittance of our right. But
whenever he was asked for cooperation he quietly replied,’ cooperation is not a one way traffic it should be mutual and responsive.’  
In 22/05/1920 he was given a purse containing rupees 3.25 lacs for failure in Chirol case by Public
Of  Poona. He replied, ‘ by your generosity you have literally bought me body and soul’.

Tilak breathed his last at 1240 a,m on a Sunday  august 1st 1920.His statue stands in Mumbai sea shore reminding succeeding generations  the duty they owe to Mother land He is Lokamanya to every Indian. Gandhi  admired him Tilak knew no religion but love for his country.
Tilak told editorial staff, ‘imagine that you are speaking to a villager and not writing for university people’.Political oratory is action not words.The Hindu,the Times of India,and the Globe were compelled to apologize adverse writing on Tilak.  .
Gokale and Tilak were two different streams of Indian freedom movement. Both were of  konkan, satyed in Poona, member of Deccan English society, and  appeared in same political arena.
Tilak was a turbulent ocean. He made decisions of his own. He neither longed for appreciation nor
reward.He can be compared with  a banyan tree standing proudly amid a serene forest. It was his view that virtue is not attainable by learning and scholarship.
We can also recall what he held in high esteem as an academician,
‘there is no greater folly than the assumption of the educated class that they are separate from the mass of the people.’
Krishna when he opened his mouth you can visualize the universe inside but he is a cowherd still, is what we retrieve from his Gita rahasyam  a treatise on Bhagavat gita.
He wrote, The Oriyan –( 1893), The Arctic home of Vedas-(1903), Gita Rahasya-(1915).
We are right when we call him‘ the Father of Indian nationalism.’





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pattarivu -kurunaaval

Àð¼È¢×                                           - ±Š…¡÷º¢

«ÅÛõ «ÅÙõ Óõ¨À ¦ºýÚ Åó¾¡÷¸û.  Å¢ÎôÒîºÖ¨¸ôÀ½õ ±ý¸¢È «ó¾ ź¾¢¨Â ÀÂýÀÎò¾¢ì¦¸¡ñξ¡ý.  ¨Á «Ãº¢ý ´Õ «ÖÅĸò¾¢ø «Åý À½¢ Òâž¡§Ä  «Å÷¸û ¾ó¾  ºÖ¨¸.  ¿¡ý¸¡ñθÙìÌ ´Õ ¾¼¨Å ÀÈóÐ Å¢Ã¢ó¾  þó¾ þó¾¢Â §¾ºò¾¢ø ±í§¸Â¡ÅÐ ´Õ °ÕìÌ  ÌÎõÀò§¾¡Î ¦ºýÚ ¾¢ÕõÀÄ¡õ.
                ÌÎõÀõ ±ýÀÐ ±Ð ±ý¸¢È Ţɡ×ìÌ îºÃ¢Â¡¸  Å¢¨¼ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾¢Õì¸ §ÅñÎõ.  ¦¾Ã¢Â¡Å¢ð¼¡ø ܼ «ôÀÊ ´ýÚõ À¡¾¸õ þø¨Ä. ¿£ðÊ ÓÆ츢 Ţ¡츢¡Éí¸û  ¦ºöžüÌ ±øÄ¡õ  «Ãº¡í¸ «ÖÅĸí¸Ç¢ø ±ô§À¡Ð Àïºõ Åó¾¢Õ츢ÈÐ.
                Å¢ÎôÒîºÖ¨¸ôÀ½õ.  «ôÀÊ ´Õ À½õ §À¡ö Åó¾ À¢ý§É ¸ð¼õ ¸ð¼Á¡ö ÌÚìÌõ ¦¿ÎìÌõ §¸¡Î §À¡¼ôÀð¼ º¡½¢ ¿¢È Å¢ñ½ôÀò¨¾ §¾ÊôÀ¢ÊòÐò ¦¾Ã¢ó¾Å÷¸û Ш½¦¸¡ñÎ ²üÈ þÈì¸ò§¾¡Î  Å¨ÇòРŨÇòÐ  ¿¢ÃôÀ¢  측Äò§¾  «ó¾ì¸½ìÌôÀ¢Ã¢×ìÌî ºÁ÷ôÀ¢ìÌõ ÝðÍÁõ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾¢Õì¸ §ÅñÎõ.
             À½ðÎ Å¡í¸ î¦ºÄÅ¢ð¼ À½õ ±ý¸¢ÈŨ¸Â¢ø  ´Õ áÚ ¯åÀ¡ö ¨Á «Ãº¡í¸ò¾¢¼Á¢ÕóÐ  ¦ÀüÚÅ¢¼Ä¡õ ±ýÈ¡ø  «¾üÌ ôÀ½ħšΠþýÉ À¢È×õ  ÜðÊôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ø ÀòÐÁ¼íÌìÌ ÅóÐÅ¢Îõ. «Ð ÀüÈ¢ ±øÄ¡õ ¡ÕìÌò¾¡ý ±ýÉ.   þôÀÊ¡¸ þó¾ Å¢ÎôÒîºÖ¨¸ôÀ½õ ±ÎòÐ즸¡ñÎ ´ÕÅý  °÷îÍüÈ¢  Åóо¡ý ¾£Ã §ÅñÎõ ±ýÚ ¸ð¼¡Âõ þø¨Ä§Â.
            «ÅÛìÌ ºíÌ ÅÇÅШçɡΠ þÄ츢 ¿ðÒ þÕó¾Ð. ºíÌ ±ýÛõ ¦ÀÂâø ´Õ þÄ츢ÂüÈ¢¾¨Æ  ¸¼æ÷ Üò¾ôÀ¡ì¸ò¾¢Ä¢ÕóÐ «ó¾ ÅÇÅШÃÂý ¾¡ý ¿¼ò¾¢ì ¦¸¡ñÎÅÕ¸¢È¡÷.   «ó¾   ¿ñÀÉ¢ý ãò¾ ¨ÀÂÛìÌ  Óõ¨À¢ø ¦Àâ ¸õÀÉ¢ ´ýÈ¢ø §Å¨Ä. «Åý ¦º¡ó¾ ţ𧼡ΠÓõ¨À¢ø þÕó¾¡ý. «Åý ź¾¢ þò¡¾¢¸û   §¸ð§À¡÷ ¦À¡È¡¨ÁôÀÎõ «Ç×ì̧Á þÕó¾Ð.  §¼¡õÀ¢Å¢Ä¢ ò¾Á¢Æ÷¸Ç¢ý À¡Ä¡ƒ¢ §¸¡Å¢ÖìÌ «Õ§¸  «ÅÛìÌ ãýȨøû ¦¸¡ñ¼ ¦Àâ ţÎ.   Óõ¨ÀìÌ Â¡ò¾¢¨Ã §À¡É «ÅÛìÌõ «ÅÙìÌõ Óõ¨À¢ø ¨ÅòÐ «ó¾ ¿ñÀÉ¢ý ¨ÀÂý¾¡ý  Ã¡§ƒ¡Àº¡Ãõ ¦ºö¾¡ý.  þó¾ ƒýÁò¾¢ø  «ôÀÊ¦Â¡Õ «ýÀ¢ý ÁÕ ¯ÕÅò¨¾  þÉ¢ «Åý ±í§¸  ¸ñÎÀ¢ÊôÀÐ.. ±øÄ¡ÅüÈ¢üÌõ ´Õ Ả §ÅñÎõ ±ýÀ¡÷¸û. «Ð þÕó¾¢Õì¸Ä¡õ. ¬¸ò¾¡ý þÕÅÕõ «ó¾ §¼¡õÀ¢Å¢Ä¢ ¢ø ãýȨà ¦¸¡ñ¼ «ù Å£ðÊüÌ Å¢Õó¾¢Éá¸ô §À¡öÅó¾¡÷¸û.
              «ÅÛìÌõ «ÅÙìÌõ  Óõ¨À¢ø «ôÀʧÀ¡öô À¡÷ôÀ¾üÌ ±ýÉ þÕ츢ÈÐ. ¾Á¢ú ¿¡ðÊý ´Õ Ì츢áÁòÐ ¦ºøÄ¢ÂõÁý §¸¡Å¢Ä¢§Ä  ¸¡øÀíÌìÌ ÅÕõ «ó¾ Á†¡ÄðÍÁ¢ì§¸¡Å¢ø, ¯ûéâø ÅðÊìÌ Å¢ðÎ ¦¾¡Æ¢ø ¿¼òÐõ §ºðÎ  ´ÕÅâý  ¾¨Ä¨½ ÀÃôÀ¢ì¦¸¡ñ¼ «¼Ìì ¸¨¼¨Â ¿¢¨É×ìÌ즸¡ñÎÅÕõ º¢ýÉ º¢ò¾¢Å¢¿¡Â¸÷ §¸¡Å¢ø, ̼ø À¢ÃðÎõ ¸£ì¸¢¼Á¡É¦¾¡Õ Á£ýÀñ¨½, «ñ½¡óÐ À¡÷òРŢðÎ «ÅÃÅ÷ ¾ò¾õ  §Å¨Ä¨Â  ÁðΧÁ ¸ÅÉ¢ìÌõ ´ðÎõ ¯È×õ þøÄ¡ ¿Ã¢ÁýÓ¨É, «í¸í§¸ ±ðÊ ±ðÊ ¸¨Ã¨Âò¦¾¡ðÎô À¡÷ìÌõ ¸ÕôÒò¾ñ½£÷ì ¸¼ø,   §¾ºÄ¡¸¢ô§À¡É Á¢Õ¸í¸¨Ç  þýÛõ  Å¢¼¡Áø þõº¢òÐ þõº¢òÐ ÅէšÕõ §À¡§Å¡Õõ ú¢ì¸ ÁðΧÁ («Ð ±ýÉ Ãº¨É§Â¡)  ¿¢÷Ÿ¢ì¸ôÀÎõ ´Õ Òá¾É ƒ¥, §Å÷òРŢÕÅ¢Õì¸ î¦ºýÚÅ¢ðÎ þýÉÐ þÐ ±ýÚ Òâ¡Á§Ä  ¾¨Ä¨Â ¬ðÊ Å¢ðÎ ¦ºýÚ¾¢ÕõÒõ ±Ä¢¦Àñ¼¡ ̨¸. «ò¾£×ìÌô §À¡ö Åà ¸¡öóЧÀ¡É¦¾¡Õ À¼ÌîºÅ¡Ã¢ , Óõ¨ÀìÌ ôÒ¾¢Â¾¡¸ Åէš÷ Ó¨ÈòÐ Ó¨ÈòÐ ôÀ¡÷ì¸ÁðΧÁ ±ØóÐûÇ º¢Å¡ƒ¢ Ó¨É, ÅÂ¢Ú Àº¢ò¾¡ø ¦ÅøÄõ ¸¨ÃòРŢ¼ôÀðÎ ƒ£Åý ±ýÚ ²Ðõ þøÄ¡î º¡õÀ¡÷ ÀâÁ¡Úõ  ¨ºÅ ¶ð¼ø¸û, §ÅÚ ±ýÉ  Óõ¨À¢ø þÕ츢ÈÐ. «Ð¾¡ý À¢ÊÀ¼Å¢ø¨Ä. «Ð þÕì¸ðÎõ Å¢Îí¸û.
                     «Å÷¸û ¾í¸¢Â¢Õó¾ «ó¾ ¦¼¡õÀ¢Å¢Ä¢  Å£ðÊø ÁÃì ¸ðÊø ´ýÈ¢¨É  «Åû §¿¡ð¼õ Å¢ð¼¡û. «ò¾¨É §Å¨ÄôÀ¡Î. «ò¾¨É «ÆÌ. ¸ðÊÖìÌ ¸£§Æ ¾ûÙ ÀĨ¸¦¸¡ñ¼¦¾¡Õ «¨È. þôÀÊÔõ þôÀÊÔõ «Ð  ¿¸÷óÐ ¾¨Ä¨½ §À¡÷¨Å ±É ±øÄ¡Åü¨ÈÔõ ¾ýÛû§Ç ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ñÎ «ô§À¡¨¾ìÌ «ô§À¡Ð ¯Èí̧š÷ìÌì ¦¸¡ÎòÐ ¯¾Å¢ÂÐ.  «õÁÃì ¸ðÊÄ¢ý ¸îº¢¾Á¡É ´Õ ¸£ú¾Ç «¨ÁôÀ¢¨Éô À¡÷òÐ «Åû «ºóÐ §À¡É¡û. þôÀÊ¦Â¡Õ Åº¾¢Ô¼ý  ´Õ ÁÃì ¸ðÊø ¾ý Å£ðÊÖõ þÕì¸ò¾¡ý §ÅñÎõ ±ýÚ «ô§À¡§¾ ¾£÷Á¡Éõ ¦ºöЦ¸¡ñ¼¡û.  
, ‘¿õÁ Å£ðÊø ¾¡ý ¸ðÊø þÕ째’ «ÅÙìÌôÀ¾¢ø ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
 þÕìÌ.  «Ð þÕõÀ¢§Ä¾¡ý þÕìÌ. ¾¸ÃõÛ ¦º¡øÄÏõ. ¯ì¸¡ó¾¡ ±Øó¾¡ ¼ÒìÌ ÎÒìÌýÛ ´§Ã ºò¾õ. ±ýÉ¡ ¿¡Ã¡ºõ. §¸¡¨¼Â¢§Ä À¡ò¾¡  §¾¡ºì¸øÄ¡ð¼õ ¸¡Ôõ Á¨Æ¸¡Äò¾¢§Ä º¢øÖýÛ ¬¨Ç즸¡øÖõ ±ýÉ¡ þÕõÒì ¸ðÊÖ.  «ó¾ ¾Ä¸¡½¢ §À¡÷Ũ  ±øÄ¡õ §ÅÈ  ±¼ò¾¢Ä¾¡É ¦¸¡ñΧÀ¡Â¢ Å츢Ïõ.  þí¸ À¡Õí¸ ¾ûÙ ¸¾×, «ôÀÊÔõ þôÀÊÔõ ¾ûÙÉ¡ §À¡Ðõ ¾Ä¸¡½¢ §À¡÷Å ºÓ측Çõ ±øÄ¡ò¨¾Ôõ «ºÁ¼ì¸¢ Å¼Ä¡õ §ÅÏí¸¢ÈÐ ±ÎòÐì¸Ä¡õ. ¸ðÊÖ §ÁÄ àíÌÈÅý  ´Õ ¦¾¡ó¾Ã×  þøÄ¡Á «Åý À¡ðÎìÌòàí¸Ä¡õ.’
‘ ¬Á¡õ. «¾ü¸¡¸ «í¸ «í¸ À¡÷ò¾Ð ±øÄ¡õ Å¡í¸¢¼ò¾¡ý §ÅñÎÁ¡’
‘ Å¡í¸¢¼ò¾¡ý §ÅñÎõ’
«Åû ¦º¡ýÉ¡û. þÉ¢ §Àº¢ôÀÂý þø¨Ä. ±ò¾¨É §Å¸Á¡¸ «Åý §Åñ¼¡õ ±ýÈ¡Öõ «ò¾¨É §Å¸Á¡¸ «Åû §ÅñÎõ ±ýÀ¡û. þÐ ´ýÚõ Ò¾¢Â ¦ºö¾¢ þø¨Ä. áÁ¡Â½ ¿¡Â¸ý  Ã¡Áý ܼ Á¡Â Á¡ý ¯ÉìÌ  §ÅñÎÁ ¿¡ý §À¡ö  À¢ÊòÐ ÅÃðÎÁ¡ ±ýÚ º£¾¡À¢Ã¡ðÊ¢¼õ §¸ðÊÕó¾¡ø «Ð ±¾üÌ Å£ñ §Å¨Ä ¯í¸û ¾Ì¾¢ìÌ ´Õ º¢í¸ò¨¾ «øÄÅ¡  ¿£í¸û À¢ÊòÐ즸¡ñÎ ÅçÅñÎõ ±ýÚ ¦º¡øÄ¢ þÕôÀ¡û, ¬É¡ø  Ã¡Á¡Â½ì¸¨¾ §ÅÚ Å¢¾Á¡¸ò¾¡§É §À¡¸§ÅñÎõ ±ýÚ Å¢¾¢ì¸ôÀðÎ þÕ츢ÈÐ.
                    Óõ¨ÀôÀ½õ ÓÊóЫÅý ¾ý «ÖÅĸò¾¢ø ¾ý º¸ ¿ñÀ÷¸§Ç¡Î §Àº¢ì¦¸¡ñÊÕìÌõ ºÁÂõ ÁÃì¸ðÊø ´ýÚ Å¡í¸ §ÅñÎõ ±ýÈ¡ý.
‘ «ó¾ ¸¡Äò¾¢§Ä§Â «¾ Å¡íÌÄ¡’ ¸ÉÁ¡É Ţɡ¾¡ý.
‘ Å¡í¸¢§Éý. «Ð þÕõÒì¸ðÊø’
‘ ºÃ¢¾¡ý. ¸ðÊÖýÉ¡ «Ð ÁÃò¾¢Ä þÕì¸Ïõ’ ±ýÈ¡ý ¿ñÀý.
‘ «Ð¾¡ý À¡ì̧Èý’
‘ ¿õÁ ¨¸Â¢Ä ´Õ ¬º¡Ã¢ þÕìÌÈ¡ý. ƒ¡Á¡ý Å¡í¸¢ ÌÎò¾õÉ¡ ¯í¸ Å£ðÎÄ Å ¦ºöÂ¡øÖÄ¡õ. ¸ðÊÖìÌì ÜÄ¢ ±ýÉ¡ýÛ §Àº¢ì̧šõ’
‘ ¦Ã¡õÀ ºÃ¢’’ Á¸¢ú¡¸ þÕó¾Ð «ÅÛìÌ..
‘ ¿¡Á ¿øÄ ÁÃÁ¡ Å¡í¸¢ ¦ºöÂ¡ýÉ¡ «¾¦É¡¼ ¾Ã§Á §ÅȾ¡ý’
‘ «Ð ¾¡ý ºÃ¢ýÛ ÀÎÐ’
‘ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¿¡¨ÇìÌ ¸¡¨Ä墀 ¯í¸Ç À¡ôÀ¡Õ.  ¿¡ý «ÛôÀ¢ Å츢§Èý ¦º¡îºò¨¾Ôõ «ÅÕ¸¢ð¼ §Àº¢ì¸¢Îí¸’
‘ ¿øÄ¡ §ÅÄ ¦¾Ã¢ïº¢ ¦ºöÔÈ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡ þÕì¸ðÎõ’
‘ «ôÀ¢Ê ¾Ãõ þøÄ¡¾ ¬¨Ç ¿¡ý «ÛôÀ¢¨ÅôÀÉ¡.ºÃ¢Â¡§À¡îº¢. º¡Õ ±ýÉôÀò¾¢ ±ýɾ¡ý ¦¾Ã¢ïº¢ Å þÕ츢ȣí¸. ±ò¾¢É¢ ÅÕ„Á¡ ÀÆÌÉ¡Öõ ´Õò¾È ´Õò¾÷ Òâﺢ Åì¸ÄýÉ¡ «Ð ±ôÀÊ ¦º¡øÖí¸’
‘ «ÐìÌ ¦º¡øÖÄ’
‘ À¢ýÉ ±ÐìÌ «ôÀÊô §ÀÍÈ£í¸’
‘ ±ýÛ§Á¡ ¦º¡øÖÏõÛ §¾¡½¢îº¢ «¾¡ý ¦º¡øÄ¢ôÒð¼ý’
‘ §Àºò¦¾Ã¢Â¡¾ ¬º¡Á¢ýÛ °Õ째 ¦¾Ã¢ïº¢ ¦¸¼ìÌÐ. ´ñÏ ÌÎòÐðÎ ¿¡Ö Å¡í¸¢¸Èо¡ý ¯í¸ÙìÌ ÅÆì¸Á¡ §À¡îº¢’
  þñ¨½ìÌ §¿òÐ §º¾¢ þøÄ þÐ’
, ‘ À¢ÃõÁ Ä¢À¢ìÌ ¾¢Õò¾õ þø§Ä. ¦¸¼ìÌ Å¢Îí¸. ¿¡ý ¿¡¨Ç째 ¬º¡Ã¢Â «ÛôÀ¢ Å츢Èý’
«ÖÅĸ ¿ñÀý §À ÓÊòÐ ¨Åò¾¡ý.
«ÛìÌ ôÀ¢Ãîº¨É þÉ¢§Áø¾¡ý ¦¾¡¼í¸ô§À¡¸¢È¾¡, «øÄÐ º¡Á÷ò¾¢ÂÁ¡¸ ²Ðõ ¦ºöРŢ𧼡Á¡ ±ý¸¢È ºó§¾¸õ Åó¾Ð.
«Åý ¾ý Á¨ÉŢ¢¼õ ¬º¡Ã¢ ÅÃô§À¡Å¨¾ ¦º¡øÄ¢ ¨Åò¾¡ý. ¦º¡ó¾Á¡ö  ‘ÁÃõ þò¡¾¢¸û Å¡í¸¢ì¦¸¡ÎòР ¿¡§Á ¬º¡Ã¢ ¨ÅòÐ ¸ðÊø ¦ºöÂô§À¡¸¢§È¡õ’
‘ ¿õ Å£ðʧÄ¡’
‘ ¬Á¡õ. «Ð¾¡ý ÅÖÅ¡ þÕìÌõ ¿øÄ¡×õ ´¨ÆìÌõÛ ¦º¡øÖÈ¡í¸’
‘ Â¡Õ ¦º¡ýÉ¡’
‘ ¬À£Í 측Ãí¸¾¡ý’ À¾¢ø ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
‘ Å÷à ¬º¡Ã¢ ±ôÀ¢Ê «×Õ ¦ºöÂ¢È §ÅÄ ±ôÀ¢Ê þÕìÌõ ±øÄ¡õ Å¢º¡Ã¢îº¢í¸Ç¡’
‘ «¦¾øÄ¡õ  Å¢º¡Ã¢ì¸¡ÁÄ¡’ ¦À¡ö ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
ÁÚ¿¡û ¸¡¨Ä  ÅÆì¸õ§À¡ø Å¢Êó¾Ð. ¦º¡øÄ¢ Å¢ðÎô§À¡ÉÀʧ «ó¾  ¿ñÀý «ÛôÀ¢Â  ¨Åò¾ ¬º¡Ã¢  «Åý Å£ðÊø ¸¡À¢ º¡ôÀ¢Îõ §¿Ãò¾¢üÌîºÃ¢Â¡¸ Åó¾¡ý.
‘ ¸ðÊÖ ¦ºöÔÏõÛ ¦º¡øÄ¢ «ÛôÀ¢É¡Õ. ¿õÁ ¦¼Ä¢ §À¡ý ¬À¢Í§Ä  §ÅÄ À¡ìÌÈ þ×Ú.  ¿£í¸ ¾¡§É º¡Õ «Ð’
‘ ¸¨Ã켡 ¸ñÎ À¢Ê ÅóÐðËí¸’
‘ À¢ýÉ ±ýÉ º¡Õ ÀõÀ¡Â¢ º¢í¸ôâ÷Û Àð¼½õÛ Íò¾¢ Íò¾¢ §ÅÄ À¡òÐ þÕ째ý’
‘ ÁÃõ ±í¸ Å¡íÌÏõ’ «Åý  À¢Ãɨ ¬ÃõÀ¢ò¾¡ý.
‘ ÅÆì¸Á¡ «ó¾ §ºðÎ ¸¢ð¼¾¡ý Å¡íÌÈÐ’.
  ܼ ¿¡ý ÅÃÏÁ¡’
‘ ºÃ¢Â¡ §À¡îº¢ ¿£í¸ ÅáÁ ¸¨¾ ±ôÀ¢Ê ¬×ÈÐ. ±ºÁ¡ÉÕ §À¡Å¡¾ ¸¡Ã¢Âõ ²¼¡Ü¼õÄ’
‘ ¿¡ý ÀòÐÁ½¢ìÌ ¬À¢ÍÄ þÕìÌÛ§Á’
‘ «õÁ¡õ ¿¡Æ¢ «í¸ ±ýÉ¡ ¦ºöÔÈõ’
‘ ºÃì¸ À¡ì¸Èõ ¸½ìÌ ÅÆì¸À¡ì¸Èõ ¦¸ÇõÒÈõ «ôÒÈõ ±ýÉ¡ §ÅÄ þÕìÌ’
‘ þÐÄ ±ýÉ¡ ÅÆìÌ «Ð þÐýÛ’
‘ ÍõÁ¡ §ÀîÍìÌ «ôÀ¢Ê ¦º¡øÖÈÐ’
‘¿¡ý ÀÂóÐð§¼ý’
 ÍõÁ¡ §ÀÍÈ Å¡÷ò¨¾Â¢Ä  ±ýÉ¡ þÕìÌ. ¦¿ÕôÒýÉ¡ ÍðÎÁ¡. ¿£í¸ ¬À¢Í ¦¸ÇõÀ¢ Å÷à Á¡¾¢Ã¢ Å¡í¸ ¿¡Û §ºðÎ ÁÃÅ¡ÊÄ þÕìÌÈý’
‘ ºÃ¢ ‘ ±ýÈ¡ý. ¬º¡Ã¢ ¾ÉìÌ ²§¾¡ º×¸Ã¢Âõ ¦ºöÐŢ𼾡¸ «Åý ¯½÷ó¾¡ý.
«Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢ ¯ûÇ¢ÕóÐ ¦ÅÇ¢§Â ÅóÐ ¿¢ýÚ ¦¸¡ñÎ §Àº ¬ÃõÀ¢ò¾¡û.
‘ ±ýÉ¡ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¸ðÊÖýÉ¡ ±ôÀ¢Ê ¾Ä¸¡½¢ §À¡÷Å þÐÅ ±øÄ¡õ «ôÀ¢Ê§Â ¸£Æ§Â Å¸¢È Á¡¾¢Ã¢  ź¾¢ þÕìÌÏõ’
‘ ±ôÀ¢Ê ¦º¡øÈ£í¸’
‘ «¾¡ý  ¿¡ý Óõ¨À墀 À¡ò¾ý. «ó¾ ¸ðÊÖ. «ôÀ¢Ê§Â ¸ðÊøÄ ÀÎòÐì¸È «ó¾ô  Àĸ¡ÔìÌì¸£Æ ´Õ åõÒ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ þôÀÊÔõ «ôÀÊÔõ ¾ûÙÈ¡ô§À¡Ä ´Õ ¦º¡Õ× ¸¾× þÕóÐ «Ð Á¡¾¢Ã¢¾¡ý ¦ºöÔÛõ’
«Åû ÓÊòÐ즸¡ñ¼¡û.
¬º¡Ã¢ ±Ð×õ §Àº¡Áø þÕó¾¡ý.
«Åý ¬º¡Ã¢ Ó¸ò¨¾Ôõ «Åû Ó¸ò¨¾Ôõ Á¡È¢ Á¡È¢ À¡÷òÐ즸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ý.
§ÀîÍ ²§¾¡ º¢ì¸Ä¢ø Á¡ðÊ즸¡ñ¼ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾Ð.
‘ ±ýÉ¡ §Àîº ì¸¡Ïõ, Ѩá «¼í¸¢§À¡îº¢’’  «Åû ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ §¸ð¼¡û
‘ þÐÄ ±ýÉ¡ þÕìÌ ±ôÀ¢Ê §¸ìÌÈ£í¸§Ç¡ «ôÀ¢Ê’
‘ºÃ¢‘ ¿¡Û ÁÃÅ¡Ê墀 «ö¡ŠÀ¡ìÌÈý’
¬º¡Ã¢ ¸¢ÇõÀ¢É¡ý.
«ÅÛìÌ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¾ý ţΠÅóÐ ¸ðÊø ÀüÈ¢ §Àº¢Â ×¼§É§Â ¸ðÊÄ¢ø ¸¡ø ¿£ðÊ ÀÎòÐ즸¡ñÎ ¸¡üÚ Å¡íÌž¡¸§Å ¯½÷ó¾¡ý.
ÀòÐÁ½¢ «ÖÅĸòÐìÌ ±ô§À¡Ðõ ÀòÐ ¿¢Á¢¼õ Óýɾ¡¸ ¸¢ÇõÀ¢É¡ø §À¡Ðõ. «ÖÅĸõ «ùÅÇ× «Õ¸¢ø þÕó¾Ð. §Å¨Ä ¦ºöÔõ «ÖÅĸõ  ¦ÅÌ«Õ¸¢ø þÕôôР ´ÕÅÛìÌ ±ùÅǧš º×¸Ã¢Âõ ±ýÚ ÁðÎõ ¿¢¨ÉòÐÅ¢¼ §Åñ¼¡õ .
«Åý ´ýÀÐ Á½¢ì§¸ ÒÈôÀð¼¡ý. ´Õ Àò¾¡Â¢Ãõ åÀ¡¨Â ºð¨¼ô¨À¢ø ±ÎòШÅòЦ¸¡ñ¼¡ý. ¾ÉÐ ÊÅ¢ ±Š Åñʨ ¸¢ÇôÀ¢É¡ý. À½õ ¨À¢ø þÕôÀÐ ¦¾Ã¢ó§¾¡ ±ýɧš ÅñÊ ´§Ã ¯¨¾Â¢ø Š¼¡÷ð ¬ÉÐ.
§¸¡÷¼÷Š š¢Ģø  þÕõÒ §¸ð ¦Àâ áðººý ¸½ìÌìÌ þÕó¾Ð. «ó¾ §ƒ¡Ê츾׸û ã¼ôÀ𼧾 þø¨Ä.  «Åý þíÌ ÌÊ ÅóÐ þó¾ô Àò¾¡ñθǢø ´Õ ¾¼¨Åìܼ º¡ò¾¢ 㼡¾ ´Õ ¸¾Å¢¨É öÐ ¨ÅôÀÐ ±¾üÌ ±ýÚ ±ñ½¢É¡ý. þÐ «Ãº¡í¸ ì¸ðʼõ ¬¸ þ¦¾øÄ¡õ º¸ƒÁôÀ¡ ±ýÚ ÓÊ×ìÌ ÅóÐ ¦Á¢ý§Ã¡ÎìÌ î¦ºøÖõ ¸ôÀ¢î º¡¨Ä¢ø ÅñʨÂò¾¢ÕôÀ¢É¡ý.
¦¾Õ ¾¢ÕôÀò¾¢ø ÅûÇÄ¡÷ ¿¸÷ ±ýÚ ±Ø¾¢Â º¢¦Áñð ÀĨ¸ ¿¢ýÚ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾Ð. «¾É¢ø ÅûÇÄ¡÷ ±ýÈ ¦À¨à ¾¡÷ ⺢ ¡§Ã¡ «Æ¢òÐÅ¢¼ ÓÂüº¢òÐò §¾¡üÚô§À¡ö þÕ츢ȡ÷¸û.
ÅûÇÄ¡¨ÃôÀ¢Ê측¾Å÷¸ûܼ þó¾ ¯Ä¸ò¾¢ø þÕôÀ¡÷¸Ç¡ ±ýÉ. §Â¡º¢òÐ즸¡ñ§¼ ¦Á¢ý §Ã¡ÎìÌøÖõ À¡¨¾Â¢ø ÅñʨÂÖò¾¢É¡ý.
À¢½õ «ÚìÌõ «ÖÅĸõ š¢Ģø ´§Ã Üð¼Á¡¸ þÕó¾Ð. ±¾¢§Ã þÕìÌõ ¦Àâ ÁÕòÐÅ Á¨É¢ý þý¦É¡Õ À̾¢ þÐ. ²§¾Ûõ Å¢ÀòÐ ¿¢¸úóР¡§ÃÛõ þÈóЧÀ¡Â¢Õì¸Ä¡õ
´Õ  ¿Îò¾Ã ž¢ÕìÌõ ¦Àñ ¸£§Æ Å¢ØóÐ ÒÃñÎ ÒÃñÎ. «ØЦ¸¡ñÊÕó¾¡û. ¦ºò¾ À¢½ò¾¢üÌ º¡¸ô§À¡¸¢È ´Õ À¢½õ «Ø¸¢ÈÐ ±ýÚ º¢ò¾÷¸û  ¬¸¡Âõ À¡÷òÐ À¡Ê즸¡ñÊÕì¸Ä¡õ. º¡× º¡×¾¡§É. þÆôÀ¢ý ÅÄ¢ º¡Á¡ýÂÁ¡ÉÐÅ¡ ±ýÉ. ±§¾¡ «Åý ÁÉõ §Àò¾¢ì¦¸¡ñ§¼ þÕó¾Ð.
¦Á¢ý §Ã¡Êý ¾¢ÕôÀò¾¢ø ´Õ ¸ÕÁ¡Ã¢õÁý §¸¡Å¢ø þÕó¾Ð. «¾üÌ ÓýÀ¡¸ Åñʨ ¿¢Úò¾¢É¡ý. ¨¸ ¦ÂÎòÐ즸¡õÀ¢ð¼¡ý. ±øÄ¡õ ¿øÄ ÀÊ ¿¼ì¸ §ÅñÎõ ±ýÚ ¸¼×Ç¢¼õ À¢Ã¡÷ò¾¨É ¦ºö¾¡ý.’ þôÀÊ ±øÄ¡õ À¢Ã¡÷ò¾¨É ¦ºöÅÐ «È¢× â÷ÅÁ¡É ´ýÈ¡ ±É ±ñ½¢ôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ý. ±øÄ¡õ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾ ¸¼×ÙìÌ ¿¡õ ²ý À¢Ã¡÷ò¾¨É ¦ºö§ÅñÎõ ±ýÚ ±§¾¡ ²§¾¡ ¦º¡øĢ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
¾¨Ã¢ø Å£úóÐõ ¦¿Îﺡñ ¸¢¨¼Â¡¸ì ÌõÀ¢ð¼¡ý. ¦¾Ã¢ó¾Å÷¸û ¡§ÃÛõ ¾ý¨ÉôÀ¡÷측Áø þÕ츧ÅñΧÁ ±ýÚ ÌÃíÌ ÁÉõ ±îºÃ¢ò¾Ð.
±ýÉ À¢Ã¡÷ò¾¨É ÀÄÁ¡ þÕìÌ ±ýÚ Â¡§ÃÛõ §¸ðÎÅ¢ð¼¡ø ±ýÉ À¾¢ø ¦º¡øÅÐ..
À§¼ø ÁÃÅ¡Ê Å¢ÇõÀÃôÀĨ¸ ÓýÀ¡¸ Åñʨ ¿¢Úò¾¢ þÈí¸¢É¡ý. §ºðÎõ ¬º¡Ã¢Ôõ ¯û§Ç ¾Â¡Ã¡ö þÕó¾¡÷¸û.
«Ð ±ýɧš ¾í¸õ þÕõÒ º¢¦Áýð ¦À¢ñð ±øÄ¡õ þí§¸ §ºðÎì¸û ÁðΧÁ ¨ÅòРŢ¡À¡Ãõ ¦ºö¸¢È¡÷¸û. Å¡¨ÆôÀÆõ â ¦ÅüÈ¢¨Ä þð¼Ä¢ì¸¨¼ ¨Åì¸ÁðÎõ ÅÕž¢ø¨Ä. ±í§¸ ÍüȢɡÖõ þôÀÊ ÁðÎó¾¡§É þÕ츢ÈÐ ¸¨¾.
‘ Å¡í¸ º¡÷’ §ºðÎ ¯û§Ç «¨Æò¾¡÷.
¬º¡Ã¢ Á×ÉÁ¡ö º¢Ã¢òÐ즸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ý
ºð¨¼ô¨À¢ø Àò¾¡Â¢Ãõ þÕôÀ¨¾ «Åý ¯Ú¾¢  ¦ºöЦ¸¡ñ¼¡ý. «Ð Àò¾¢ÃÁ¡¸§Å þÕó¾Ð.
±øÄ¡Õõ Å¡í¸¡ Å¡í¸, ÅÕ¸ ÅÕ¸ ±ýÀ¦¾øÄ¡õ «¾ý ¦À¡ÕðÎÁðÎõ¾¡ý ±ýÀÐ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾Åý¾¡§É «Åý.
‘À¢ýÀì¸Á¡ §À¡×õ «í¸¾¡ý ÁÃõ ¦¸¼ìÌ. þÐÄ ´ñÏ À¡ìÌÏõ ̃áò §¾ìÌýÛ ´Õ ÁÃõ þÕìÌ «Ð ¾¡ý ¦Ã¡õÀ ¦ÀŠð. «ÐÄ §ÅÏí¸È ¯ÕôÀÊ ±ÎòÐÌí¸’  
‘§¾ìÌÄ ¦ºöÔÄ¡õÛ À¡ìÌÈý’
‘ «Ð ÍõÁ¡í¸ «Ð «Æ×  ÅÖ×í¸ÈÐ þø§Ä ¦¾Ã¢¾¡’
‘ ±øÄ¡Õõ «Ð¾¡§É Å¡íÌÏõ ¦º¡øÈ¡í¸’
‘ ±øÄ¡Õõ ´ñÏ  ºÃ¢ýÛ ¦º¡ýÉ¡ «Ð ºÃ¢Â¡’
 þ¾ü¦¸øÄ¡õ «ÅÉ¢¼õ ±í§¸ À¾¢ø þÕó¾Ð. À¾¢ø ¦º¡øÄò¦¾Ã¢ó¾¢Õó¾¡ø ±í¦¸í§¸¡ §À¡Â¢Õì¸ÓÊÔõ¾¡ý. ¾¢Õ ¾¢Õ ±ýÚ Å¢Æ¢ì¸ò¦¾¡¼í¸¢É¡ý.
¬º¡Ã¢ ¬ÃõÀ¢ò¾¡ý.
‘ ¿¡Á¾¡ý ¦º¡øÖÏõ §ºðÎ. «×í¸ ±ýÉò¨¾ ¸ñ¼¡í¸. º¡½¢Â º¢ýÉ º¢ýɾ¡ ¯ñÊ þÐ ÁÕóÐýÛ ¦º¡ýÉ¡Öõ Å¡í¸¢ º¡ôÒ¼È ƒÉÁ¡î§º ’ ¦º¡øÄ¢º¢Ã¢òÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
§ºðÎ «Å¨É ´ÕÓ¨È À¡÷òÐ즸¡ñ¼¡÷. «Å÷ ²Ðõ ¦º¡øÄ¡¾Á¡¾¢Ã¢Ôõ ¬îº¡Ã¢ ÁðΧÁ þôÀÊ ¦º¡øž¡Ôõ «ó¾ À¡÷¨ÅìÌ Â¡Õõ źÉõ ¦º¡øĢŢ¼Ä¡õ.
‘ ̃áò âÅÃÍħ §ÅÄ ¦ºïº¢ ÒÎÅõ’
«Åý §Åñ¼¡ ¦ÅÚôÀ¡ö ºÃ¢ ±ýÈ¡ý.
‘ ´Õ §º¾¢ þñ¨½ìÌ îº¡Âó¾¢Ãõ ´Õ §Ä¡Î ÅÕÐ. «Ð ¿øÄ ºÃìÌ. ¦¸¡ïºõ ¦À¡ÚòÐÌí¸. ¬ÉÐ ¬îº¢ §À¡ÉÐ §À¡îº¢. ¿¡¨Ç츢 §ÅÄ ¬ÃõÀ¢îº¢ÒÎÅõ’
Á½¢ Àò¨¾ ¦¾¡ðÎ즸¡ñÊÕó¾Ð. þÉ¢ «ÅÛìÌ «íÌ ¿¢ýÚ §Àº §¿Ãõ þø¨Ä ±ýÀÐ ¬º¡Ã¢ìÌõ §ºðÎìÌõ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾ Å¢„§Á.
þÐ ¾¡ý ¾ì¸ ¾Õ½¦ÁÉ ¬º¡Ã¢ Å¡í¸ §ÅñÊ ĢŠ¨¼ ±ÎòÐ ¿£ðÊÉ¡ý
Ä¢Š¨¼ ¨¸Â¢ø Å¡í¸¢Â §ºðÎ þôÀÊÔ «ôÀÊÔõ ¾¨Ä¨Â ¬ðÊ ²§¾¡ ¸½ìÌ §À¡ðΠŢðÎ
‘ ´Õ À¾¢Éﺢ ÅÕõ. «ÐìÌûÇȾ¡ý ÅÕõ. ¨¸Â¢Ä þÕì¸ÈÐ ¦¸¡ÎòÐðÎô§À¡í¸ ¦º¡îºò¨¾ «ôÒÈõ À¡òÐì¸Ä¡õ’
«Åý ¾ý ¨¸ źÁ¢Õó¾ Àò¾¡Â¢Ãò¨¾ §ºðʼõ ¦¸¡ÎòÐÅ¢ðÎ,
‘ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¦º¡øÈ ƒ¡Á¡ÛÅ ¦¸¡Îí¸ À¡ì¸¢ À½õ ¿¡ý ¦¸¡Îòм§Èý’
‘ ±ÉìÌò¦¾Ã¢Â¡¾¡ ±ýÉ¡í¸ þÐ’
§ºðÎ ¦º¡øÄ¢ ÓÊò¾¡÷.
«Åý ¦Àâ Ţξ¨Ä ¸¢ðÊŢ𼾡ö ±ñ½¢ ¾ý «ÖÅĸõ §¿¡ì¸¢  ÅñÊ¢ø ÒÈôÀð¼¡ý.
«ÖÅĸ š¢Ģø ¿¢ýÚ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾ «Åý ¿ñÀý,
‘¬º¡Ã¢  þñ¨½ìÌ ¯í¸ çðÎìÌ Åó¾¡ôÒÄ¡’
«Åý ¿ñÀý ¾¡ý §¸ð¼¡ý.
‘ÁÃÅ¡ÊìÌ ô§À¡Â¢ðξ¡ý Å÷§Ãý’ «Åý À¾¢ø ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
‘ º¡ÕýÛ º¡Õ¾¡ý. ±ÐÄÔõ §º¡¼Â¢ø¨Ä’
¿ñÀý ¦º¡øÄ¢ º¢Ã¢òÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
Á¾¢Âõ ¯½Å¢üÌ ¾ý ţΠ§¿¡ì¸¢ ¿¼ó¾¡ý. ¾ý Å£ðΠš¢Ģø ´Õ Á¢É¢ ġâ ´ýÚ ¿¢ýÚ ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾Ð. «¾ý À¢ýÀì¸ì¸¾¨Åò¾¢ÈóÐ ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ý ¸¡ì¸¢ ºð¨¼ §À¡ðÊÕó¾ Á¢É¢ ġâ측Ãý.
ÅñÊ¢ý ¯û§Ç ÁÃîºð¼í¸û  «Îì¸ôÀðÊÕó¾É.
‘Â¡Õ Å£ðÎìÌ þи ±øÄ¡õ’
‘ º¢ ¦ÃñΠţðÎÄ þó¾ ºÃì¸ þÈìÌÏõÛ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¦º¡ýÉ¡Õ’
‘ «ôÀ ¿õÀ Å£ðÎìÌò¾¡ý’
‘ ¦Ã¡õÀ ¿øÄÐ º¡Õ, ¦ºò¾ ´Õ ¨¸ §À¡Îí¸ ºðÎÛ þÈ츢¼Ä¡õ’
ºõÀ¡„¨½ ÓÊó¾Ð. «ÅÛõ ÅñÊ측ÃÛõ ÅñÊ¢ø þÕó¾ ÁÃîºð¼í¸¨Ç «Åý Å£ðÎ ÓýÀì¸Á¡¸  þÈ츢 «Î츢É÷.
‘ þÐ ±ýÉ ²¸òÐìÌ þÕìÌõ §À¡Ä’ «Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢ ¬îºÃ¢Âò§¾¡Î  «ó¾ ÁÃîºð¼í¸¨Ç§Â À¡÷òÐ즸¡ñÊÕó¾¡û.
§Å¨Ä ÓÊó¾Ð.  Á¢É¢ ġâ측Ãý ¾ý ¨¸¸¨Ç ì¸ØŢɡý. Ш¼òÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý
‘º¡ÕìÌ Àº¢ ¡ þÕìÌõ ¿¡ §ÅÈ ¦¾¡ó¾Ã× ¦¸¡ÎòÐð¦¼ý. ¬º¡Ã¢ ÅÃýÉ¡Õ . ¬É¡ ÅÕÄ. ¿£í¸ þôÀ ÅÕÄýÉ¡ ±ÉìÌ ¦ÃõÀ ¦ºÕÁõ’
‘ ¡åðÎ §ÅÄ. ¿õÀ §Åľ¡§É’ «Åý À¾¢ø ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
‘ ¿¡ ¦¸ÇõÒÏõ §ƒ¡Ä¢ ¦¸¼ìÌ.  åÅ¡ ÓóáÚ ±Îí¸’
‘ ±ÐìÌ’
‘ ±Ð측 ġâ Å¡¼Å¾¡ý ºÃì¸ ÍõÁ¡ ±Îò¾¡ÕÅ¡í¸Ç¡’
‘ ¬º¡Ã¢ ±ý¸¢ð¼ ±Ð×õ ¦º¡øÖħ’
‘ ¦º¡øÖÄýÉ¡ «ôÀ ÍõÁ¡ §À¡×Ⱦ¡ ¿¡’
‘þøÄ ±ÐìÌõ ´Ú ¦Á¡ÈýÛ þÕìÌøÄ’
‘ ±ýÉ¡ ¦Á¡ÈñãՒ
Á⡨¾ þÈí¸¢ì¦¸¡ñ¼Ð.
‘¸¡º¢ ¦¸¡Îì¸ÄýÉ¡. ¿¡Û ºÃì¸ «ûÇ¢ ÅñÊħÀ¡ðθ¢ðÎ âΧÅý. ±ýÉ¡ ¦ÅÇ¡ðÎ §ÅÄ¡’
‘ §À¡§Âý. ±øÄ¡õ «ôÀ¢Ê§Â «Å¢ïº¢ âÎÁ¡ ±ýÉ’
«Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢   Å£ðÎ ¯ûÇ¢ÕóÐ §Å¸ §Å¸Á¡¸ Åó¾¡û.
‘ þó¾¡ ¯ý À½õ. ±Îòи. ¦¸ÇõÒ. ²ý ¦ÅðÊ §ÀîÍ ±øÄ¡õ.’
«Åý ÓóáÚ åÀ¡¨Âô¦ÀüÚ즸¡ñ¼¡ý. §Äº¡¸î º¢Ã¢òÐ ÓÊò¾¡ý.
‘¦Ã¡õÀ ¸Š¼õ «õÁ¡ ¯í¸ ¦À¡ÆôÒ’
«Åý Á¨ÉŢ¢¼õ «ó¾  Á¢É¢ÅñÊ측Ãý þÈí¸¢ô§Àº¢É¡ý.
‘¸¡Í ÅóЧÀ¡îº¢øÄ «ôÒÈõ ±ýÉ¡ ¦ºò¾  §À ¦¸ÇõÒ ¦¸ÇõÒ’
«Åý Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢ì¸¡Ã¨É Å¢ÃðÊÉ¡ý.
‘ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¿¡Ç츢 ¸¡Ä墀 ÅÕÅ¡Õ.  þó¾ §º¾¢Â ¦º¡øÄ ¦º¡ýÉ¡Õ.  þó¾¡í¸ ÁÃÅ¡Ê측Ãý º£ðÎ þÐÄ ºð¼í¸ ±ò¾¢É¢ ±ýÉ  ±ýÉ «Ç× ±øÄõ ±Ø¾¢ þÕìÌ. þÐ Àò¾¢Ãõ. ¬º¡Ã¢¸¢ð¼ ¦¸¡ÎòмÏõ’
«Åý Á¨ÉŢ¢¼õ «ó¾ º£ð¨¼ ¿£ðÊ즸¡ÊÕó¾¡ý ġâ측Ãý.
‘«×Õ ¸¢ð¼§Â «¾ì ¦¸¡Î’ ±ýÈ¡û «Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢.
«Åý «¾¨É Å¡í¸¢ Àò¾¢ÃÁ¡¸ ò¾ý ºð¨¼ô¨À¢ø ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý
‘¿¡ ÅÃí¸õÁ¡’ ±ýÈ¡ý. ġâ측Ãý «Åý ¾ý  ÅñÊ §¿¡ì¸¢ôÒÈôÀð¼¡ý.
Å£ðÊø ÁÃîºð¼í¸Ç¢ý ¬ì¸¢ÃÁ¢ôÀ¡¸ þÕó¾Ð. ²§¾¡ §¾÷ ´ýÚ ¦ºöÂ Å¡í¸¢Â ÁÃÁ¡ý¸û §À¡Äò¾¡ý «¨Å ¸¡½ôÀð¼É. ÒÐ ÁÃò¾¢ý ¦¿Ê. «¨Å «ÚôÒìÌûǡɾ¡ø  þýÛõ  ¦¿Ê ÜÊò¦¾Ã¢ó¾¢Õì¸ §ÅñÎõ. «Åý §¾ì¸ ÁÃò¾¢ø¾¡ý ¸ðÊø ¦ºö§ÅñÎõ ±ýÚ ¬¨ºôÀð¼¡ý. ̃áò âÅÃÍ ±ýÚ ¦ÀÂ÷¦¸¡ñ¼ ÁÃîºð¼í¸§Ç þô§À¡Ð «ÅÛìÌ ÓýÉ¡ø ºð¼Á¡ö «Á÷ó¾¢Õó¾É.
‘ þ¦¾øÄ¡õ ̃áò âÅÃÍ ¯ÉìÌ¡øÄϧÁ ÁÈóÐ §À¡§Éý’
‘ ²ý §¾ìÌÄ ¦ºöÔ§ÈýÛ¾¡ý ¬ÃõÀ¢îº¢í¸’ «Åû ¦ÁÐÅ¡¸ ¬ÃõÀ¢ò¾¡û.
‘ ¿¡ý ±ÐÄ ¬¨ºôÀð¼¡Öõ «Ð §À¡Â¢ §ÅÈ¡¾¡ý ÓÊÔÐ, ±ý §¿Ãõ’
‘ Å¡í¸¢Â¡îº¢øÄ þôÒÈõ «Ð þÐýÛ §Àº¢ ¬×ÈÐ ±ýÉ¡’ «Å§Ç ¦¿¡óЦ¸¡ñ¼¡û.
  Â¡Õ ±Ð ¦º¡ýÉ¡Öõ «Ð¾¡ý ¿ÁìÌ ¿øÄÐýÛ ±Îòи¢¼§Èý. ±ý¨É «¾¢§ÄóÐ  Á¡ò¾¢¸¢¼ ÓʨÄ. §¾ìÌ ÁÃõ Å¡í¸ÏõÛ¾¡ý ÁÃÅ¡ÊìÌô §À¡§Éý ¬É¡ ¬º¡Ã¢Ôõ ÁÃÅ¡Ê §ºðÎõ ̃áò âÅÃÍ ¦Ã¡õÀ ¿øÄ ÁÃõÛ ¦º¡øÄ¢ð¼¡í¸’
‘âÅÃÍ §ÅÈ §¾ìÌ §ÅȾ¡§É’
‘ ¬Á¡õ’
‘ þôÀÔõ ¬Á¡õ ¦º¡øÈ£í¸ «¾¡ý ¯í¸¸¢ð¼ §¸¡Ç¡Ú. ¦ÃñÎ ÁÃÓ§Á ´ñÏ Á¡¾¢Ã¢¾¡ý. þÐÄÔõ ´ñÏ ¦ºïº¢ À¡ôÀõ þÐÄ ±ýÉ¡ ÅóÐÐýÛ  ºÁ¡Ç¢ì¸ìܼ¡¾¡’
‘ þÉ¢§ÁÖìÌ §À¡Â¢  ¿¡ý  Å¢ò¾ ¸òи ÓÊÔÁ¡’
«Å÷¸û þÕÅÕõ §Àº¢ì¦¸¡ñ§¼¾¡ý þÕó¾¡÷¸û.
ÁÚ¿¡û ¸¡¨Ä  ¦º¡ýÉЧÀ¡Ä§Å ¬º¡Ã¢  «Åý Å£ðΠš¢Ģø ÅóÐ ¿¢ýÚ¦¸¡ñ¼¡ý.
‘ ÁÃõ  þýÛõ ¨ºÍ Àñ½Ïõ «¾ þ¨ÆôÒ §À¡¼Ïõ Àð¼¨ÈìÌô§À¡Èõ ¿õÀ’
‘ þôÀ¡’
‘¬Á¡õ «Ð «Ð §ÅÄ ¬×ÏõÄ’
«¨Ã Áɧ¾¡Î ºÃ¢ ±ýÈ¡ý.
‘ Á¢É¢ ġâ ÅÕÐ. §¾ ÅóÐÎõ. ÁÃò¾ ±ÎòÐ ¦ÅǢ ¨ÅÔí¸. §ÅÄ ¦¸¼ìÌ’
‘ ±ýÉ¡ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡§Ã þÐ §¾ìÌ þøÄ¡§Á. º¡Õ ¦º¡ýÉ¡Õ’
‘ ¬Á¡õ þó¾ ÁÃòÐÄ ´Õ §ÅÄ ¦ºïº¢ôÀ¡Õí¸. «ôÒÈõ ¦¾Ã¢Ôõ‘ §¾ìÌ ¸£ìÌøÄ¡õ þÐ ¸¢ð¼ À¢îº Å¡íÌÏÁ¡î§º. §ºðÎ ýÉ¡ ÍõÁ¡ ¬Ç¡.  «×í¸ çðÎÄ ±øÄ¡§Á þó¾ âÅÃÍ ÁçÁ¾¡ý. ¿£í¸ ±¨¾ ¸ñÊí¸’
«Åû ±Ð×õ §Àº¡Áø þÕó¾¡û. «Åý ¿¢õÁ¾¢ ¦ÀÕãîÍ Å¢ðÎ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
Å£ðΠš¢Ģø «ó¾ Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢ ÅóÐ ¯ÚÁ¢ì¸¡ðÊÂÐ.
«§¾ Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢ì¸Ãý¾¡ý, Ó¾ø Ó¨È «Åý «íÌÅóÐ ÁÃõ þÈ츢ýȾ¡¸§Å¡ ±øÄ¡õ «Åý þô§À¡Ð ¸¡ðÊ즸¡ûÇ §Å þø¨Ä. Ò¾¢Â¾¡ö ¾¡ý ÅÕÅЧÀ¡ø ¿¼óЦ¸¡ñ¼¡ý.
‘ ÁÃò¾ «ûÇ¢ §À¡Îí¸’ «ó¾ Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢ì¸¡Ãý ¸ð¼¨Ç þð¼¡ý.
«¨Å «ò¾¨ÉÔõ ºÁò¾¡ö ²È¢ ÅñÊìÌû «Á÷óÐ ¦¸¡ñ¼Á¡¾¢Ã¢§Â þÕó¾Ð.
‘ ´Õ ÓóáÚġâ측Ãý ¸¢ð¼ ¦¸¡ÎòÐÎí¸’ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
‘ àÃõ ±ùÅÇ× «Ð þÐýÛ ´ñÏõ ¸¢¼Â¡¾¡’
‘ «ôÒÈõ.’
‘ þôÀ ÁÃÅ¡Ê ¾¡ñÊ ¿¡Á §À¡Èõ. þýÛõ ܼ째ì¸Ïõ. ¿õÀ ¬Ù «¾¡ý §ÃðÎ ¦¸¡Èò¾÷Ãõ’
«Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢  ÓóáÚ åÀ¡¨Â ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ ¦¸¡ñÎ ¾ó¾¡û.
Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢ì¸Ãý þôÀÊÔõ «ôÀÊÔõ À¡÷òÐ즸¡ñ§¼ «¾¨É 쨸¢ø Å¡í¸¢ ºð¨¼ô¨À¢ø ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
‘ ¿¡ ¦¸ÇõÒ¦Èý. Àð¼¨È §Å¨ÄìÌìÜÄ¢ ¬Â¢ÃòÐìÌûÇ ÅÕõ’
‘ ¬Â¢ÃÁ¡’
‘ «ÐìÌûǾ¡ý ÅÕõ. ¿¡Á  ÁÃò¾ ¨ºÍ Àñ½¢É¡ ¬×ȸ¾Â¡ ±õÁ¡õ ÜÄ¢ ¬×õ¦¾Ã¢ÔÁ¡ ¦º¡ýÉ ÀÂóÐÒÎÅ£í¸.’
‘ ±ôÀ ¾¢ÕõÀÈÐ’
‘ §À¡É §ÅÄ ¬É «ôÀÈõ. ¿ÁìÌ §ÅÈ §ÅÄ ±ýÉ¡ þÕìÌ «í§¸’
‘ ¾¢ÕõÀ¢ Åà Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢ì¸¡ÃÛìÌ Å¡¼¨¸ ¾ÃÏÁ¢øÄ’
‘ ¨Ã𼡒
‘ «§¾ ÓóáÚ¾¡§É’
‘ ¬Á¡õ’
Á¢É¢ ġâ ÒÈôÀðÎô§À¡ÉÐ. ¬º¡Ã¢Ôõ þ¼ò¨¾ì¸¡Ä¢ ¦ºöÐÅ¢ðÎôÒÈôÀð¼¡ý.
´Õ §ÅÄÔõ §Äº¡¸ ÓÊóÐŢΞ¡¸ þø¨Ä. «¾ý «¾ÛûÙõ ¬Â¢Ãõ º¢Îì̸û ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ñ§¼  «¨Å À¢È츢ýÈÉ.
 ¦¼Ä¢§À¡ý §¸¡÷¼÷º¢ø «ì¸õ Àì¸ò¾¢ø ÌÊ¢ÕôÀÅ÷¸û «Åý ²§¾¡ ¸ôÀø ´ýÚ ¦ºöРŢ¡À¡Ãõ  ¬ÃõÀ¢òÐÅ¢ÎÅ¡§É¡ ±ý¸¢È Å¢¾Á¡¸ôÀ¡÷ò¾É÷.   þó¾ Ũ¸ì¸¡É §Å¨Ä¸¨Ç ´ÕÅý Á¨ÈòÐ ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ñÎ ¦ºöÐÅ¢¼ ÓÊÔÁ¡ ±ýÉ. «Åý
«ýÚ «ÖÅĸõ ¦ºýÈ¡ý. «ÅÉ¢ý ¿ñÀý ÅÆì¸õ§À¡ø «ÅÉ¢¼õ §¸ûÅ¢ ¬ÃõÀ¢ò¾¡ý.
¬º¡Ã¢ ÅóЧÀ¡ÉÐ, ÁÃõ Å¡í¸¢Â¨¾ Àð¼¨ÈìÌ ²üȢýÈÐ ±øÄ¡õ ¦º¡øÄ¢ ÓÊò¾¡ý.
‘Àð¼¨ÈìÌ ¿£í¸§À¡Â¢ Å¡í¸’
‘ ±øÄ¡õ ¬º¡Ã¢ À¡òÐÌÅ¡ÕøÄ’
‘ ¦ÅÅÃõ þøÄ¡Á §ÀÍÈ£í¸ º¡Õ. Àñ¼õ ¿õÒÙÐøÄ ´Õ §ÅÄ  ¿¡Á ܼ§Å þÕóÐ À¡ò¾¡ ±ôÀ¢Ê. «Ð «ÐìÌ ´Õ Á⡨¾ þÕìÌøÄ’
‘ þó§¿Ãõ §ÅÄ ÓÊﺢ ¾¢ÕõÀÈ §¿ÃõÛ ¦¿É츢Èý’
‘ ¿£í¸ ´ñÏ º¡Õ. Àð¼¨ÈÄ §ƒ §ƒýÛ Üð¼õ þÕìÌõ. §À¡É¡  ºðÎÛ ¾¢ÕõÀ¢ Å÷à ¸¡Ã¢Âõ þø§Ä ¸ÃñÎ ÍÌá þÕì¸ÏõÄ’
‘ «ôÀ Äýî þ¨¼¦ÅÇ¢Â¢Ä ¿¡ §À¡Â¢ À¡ì̧Èý’.
‘ §À¡í¸ §À¡Â¢ À¡Õí¸. «Ð ¦Ã¡õÀ Ó츢Âõ’
Åñʨ ±ÎòÐ즸¡ñÎ Á¾¢Â ¯½× þ¨¼§Å¨Ç¢ý §À¡Ð «ó¾ô Àð¼¨È §¿¡ì¸¢ôÒÈôÀð¼¡ý. ÁÃí¸û ÁðΧÁ ´Õ Á¸¡«ÍÃÉ¢ý Àº¢ìÌì ¸¡òР츢¼ìÌõ Å¢Äí̸û §À¡ø Àð¼¨È¢ý š¢Ģø ÀÎòÐì  ¸¢¼ó¾É.
Àð¼¨È¢ø §ÅÚ ±Ð×õ «ÃÅõ þø¨Ä. «¨Ã ÊáÂ÷ §À¡ðÎ즸¡ñÎ º¢Ä º¢ÚÅ÷¸û þ¨Ãóи¢¼ìÌõ ÁÃòÐñθû ¦À¡Ú츢즸¡ñÎ þÕó¾É÷. «Å÷¸Ç¢ý¾¨Ä ÓÊ ¸¡öóÐ ¸¢¼ó¾Ð.
‘ «ÎôÒìÌ ¦À¡Úì¸Èõ’
¡Õõ «Å÷¸¨Ç 째ð¸§Å þø¨Ä. «Å÷¸§Ç¾¡ý «ÅÉ¢¼õ ¦º¡øĢ즸¡ñ¼¡÷¸û.
‘ ±í¸ ¾õÀ¢ ¡¨ÃÔõ ¸¡Ïõ’
‘ þôÀ ¸ÃñÎ þøÄ «¾¡ý §À¡Â¢ þÕìÌÈ¡í¸’
‘ þøħ ¿¡ ¦À¡ÈôÀ¼ÌûÇ þÕó¾Ð’.
‘ «Ð º¢ýÉ ¸ÃñÎ º¡Õ. þÐ ¦Àâ ¸ÃñÎøÄ’
º¢ÚÅý ¦À¡ðÊø «¨Èó¾ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ À¾¢ø ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý. ¦¸¡ñÎ Åó¾ ¨À¸¨Ç ¿¢ÈôÀ¢ì¦¸¡ñÎ «ó¾î º¢ÚÅ÷¸û ÒÈôÀ¼ò¾Â¡Ã¡Â¢É÷.
 Àð¼¨È¢ý ¬ð¸û  àÃò¾¢ø ÅÕÅÐ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾ º¢ÚÅ÷¸û ¶ð¼õ À¢Êì¸ ¬ÃõÀ¢ò¾É÷.
‘ «í¸ ¡÷á ¶ÎÈÐ §¾¡ Å÷Ãý À¡Õ «ó¾¡ñ¼ þó¾¡ñ¼ ÃÅ ¿×ÈôÀ¢¼¡§¾ ¯¼§É ¸Ø× Á¡¾¢Ã¢øÄ ÅóÐÒÎÈ£í¸’
¦º¡øĢ즸¡ñ§¼ Åó¾¡÷ ´Õ Àð¼¨È ¬û.
‘ ±ýÉ¡ §º¾¢ ‘ «ÅÉ¢¼õ §¸ð¼¡÷ «ó¾ Àð¼¨È ¬û.
«ó¾ ÁÉ¢¾Ã¢ý ¾¨ÄÓʦÂøÄ¡õ ¸¨ÄóÐ «¨Å Á£Ð ´§Ã ÁÃòàÇ¡¸ì¸¢¼ó¾Ð. «Å÷ ÓÆí¸¡ø «Ç×ìÌ ´Õ ¸¡ì¸¢ ÊÃ׺÷ §À¡ðÎ즸¡ñÊÕó¾¡÷. «Åâý ¸¡ø¸¨Ç îÍüÈ¢ 즸¡ñÎ ´Õ â¨ÉìÌðÊ Å¢¨Ç¡Ê즸¡ñÎ þÕó¾Ð. «Å÷ ¾ý ¸¡ø¸¨Ç þíÌõ «íÌõ Á¡üÈ¢ Á¡üÈ¢ ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ñ¼¡÷. â¨É ¿¸Ã§Å þø¨Ä.
‘ þøÄ ¬º¡Ã¢ þí¸ Åó¾¡Õ. ´Õ ¸ðÊÖ ¦ºö ìÌÎòÐ þÕì¸ý.  ºð¼õ º¡Á¡ÛÅ Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢Â¢ø ²ò¾¢×ð¼ý þñ¨½ìÌì ¸¡¨Ä¢ľ¡ý’
‘ þí¸¾¡ý ¦¸¼ìÌõ. ¬Á¡õ ´Õ Á¢É¢ ġâ  þñ¨½ìÌ ¸¡¨Ä墀 ÅóÐÐ’
 «ÐÅ¡¾¡ý þÕìÌõ’
‘ þí¸¾¡ý ±í¸É¡ ÁÃò¨¾ ±È츢ô§À¡ðÎÊÕôÀ¡Õ. ¬º¡Ã¢ Å󾡾¡ý ¸¨¾ ºÃ¢Â¡ò ¦¾Ã¢Ôõ. þ¨¼ÂÛìÌò¾¡É ¾ý  ¯ÕôÀ¢Ê ±ÐýÛ ÒâÔõ.  þôÀ츢  þí¸ ¸ÃñÎõ ´Õ §ÀÍľ¡ý þÕìÌ.  ¿£í¸ º¡Âó¾¢Ãõ Åó¾¢í¸ýÉ¡ «ó¾  Å¢ÅÃõ ¦¾Ã¢ïº¢ì¸Ä¡õ. ¿¡Ûõ §¸ðÎ ÅìÌÈý’
«ÅÛìÌ ´Õ ºó§¾¸õ. þíÌ ¦ƒÉ§Ãð¼÷¸û ±øÄ¡õ ¨Åì¸ Á¡ð¼¡÷¸§Ç¡.  þó¾ì§¸ûÅ¢¨Â «ó¾ Àð¼¨È ¬Ç¢¼õ §¸ð¸Ä¡Á¡ ±ýÚ §Â¡º¢ò¾¡ý. §¸ð¼¡ø «Ð «¾¢¸Á¡¸ þÕì̧Á¡ ±É ÓÊ×ìÌ ÅóÐ «í¸¢ÕóÐ  ÒÈôÀð¼¡ý.
Á¾¢Â ¯½×ì¸¡É þ¨¼¦ÅÇ¢ ÓÊóÐ ¦ÅÌ §¿Ãõ ¬¸¢Â¢Õó¾Ð. ±ô§À¡Ðõ  «ÅÛìÌ «ÖÅĸò¾¢ø §Å¨Ä ¦¿Õì¸Ê. «ýÚ Á¾¢Âõ º¡ôÀ¢¼¡Á§Ä§Â «Åý  Àð¼¨ÈìÌýȧ¾¡Î ¾ý À½¢ìÌò ¾¢ÕõÀ¢É¡ý.
  «Åý  Á¡¨Ä «ÖÅĸõ ÓÊóÐ  ¾ý §¸¡÷ð¼÷Š ţΠ§¿¡ì¸¢ôÒÈôÀð¼¡ý..  §¸¡÷¼÷Š À¢Ã¾¡É  Å¡Â¢Ä¢ø «§¾ Á¢É¢ ġâ¢ý ¯ÚÁø ´Ä¢ §¸ð¼Ð. ¬Á¡õ «§¾ Á¢É¢ ġâ ¾¡ý ÅóÐ ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾Ð. ¬º¡Ã¢ «¾ÛûÇ¡¸ «Á÷óЦ¸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ý. ¾ý ¨¸¸¨Ç «¨ºòÐ §Å¨Ä ÓÊóР ¾¡ý ¾¢ÕõÒŨ¾î  ¦º¡øĢ¢Õ츧ÅñÎõ. ġâ¢ý À¢ýÉ¡§Ä§Â «Åý ¾ý ÊÅ¢ ±Š ÅñÊ¢ø Åó¾¡ý. Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢  §¸¡÷ð¼÷º¢ý š¢ø À̾¢Â¢ø  ÓýÀ¡¸ ¿¢ýÚ¦¸¡ñ¼Ð. ¬º¡Ã¢  Ä¡Ã¢Â¢ý ÓýÀì¸ò¾¢ø þÕóÐ þÈí¸¢  ÅóÐ À¢ý Àì¸õ ¦À¡Úò¾¢Â¢Õó¾  „ð¼÷ ¸¾¨Åò¾¢ÈóÐ  ºð¼í¸¨Ç þÈ츢ɡý.
‘ ±ÆôÒ §ÅÄ ÓÊﺢÐ. þÉ¢ ¿õÀ §Åľ¡ý À¡ì¸¢ þÕìÌÐ’
«Õ¸¢ø Åó¾ «ÅÛìÌ¡øĢ즸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ý.
«Åý ġâ¢ý ¯û§Ç ±ðÊôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ý. ´Õ ã¨Ä¢ø þ¨Æì¸ôÀð¼ ÁÃîºð¼í¸û þýÛõ ¸¢¼ó¾É.
¸¡¨Ä¢ø ÅñÊ ¿¢¨ÈòÐ즸¡ñÎ §À¡É¾¡¸×õ þô§À¡Ð ²§¾¡ «¨Å «ÇÅ¢ø ̨ÈóРŢð¼Á¡¾¢Ã¢Ôõ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾Ð. þРŢ„Âõ ²Ðõ «ÅÛìÌîºÃ¢Â¡¸  À¢ÊÀ¼Å¢ø¨Ä.
‘ ±ýÉ¡ À¡ìÌÈ£í¸’
‘ þøÄ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡§Ã ²Ðõ ÁÃõ ¦¸¡Èﺢ§À¡ÉÁ¡¾¢Ã¢ ¦¾Ã¢ÔÐ. «¾¡ý À¡ìÌÈý’
‘ ±øÄ¡õ ÁÉ;¡ý ¸¡Ã½õ. ¦¸¡ñÎ §À¡É ÁÃò¾ þ¨Æ «ôÒÈõ ±ýÉ¡ Á£¾õ þÕìÌϧÁ¡ «¾¡ý þÕìÌõ’
‘ «ÐìÌýÛ ¦Ã¡õÀ ¦¸¡Èﺢ§À¡ÉÐÁ¡¾¢Ã¢ þÕìÌÐ’
‘¸ðÊÖìÌ ±ýÉ¡ ¯ÕôÀ¢Ê §ÅϧÁ¡ «Ð þÕìÌ. «ôÒÈõ  ±ýÉ¡ §ÅÏõ’
‘ ¸Æ¢îºÐ ±øÄ¡õ ±í¸ þÕìÌ’
‘ ÌôÀ «Ð þÆôÒ Àð¼¨ÈÄ ¦¸¼ìÌõ. «Ð Å¸¢Û ¿£í¸ ±ýÉ¡ ¦ºöÅ£í¸’
 ‘þøÄ §¸ð¼ý’
‘ ¦¸¼ìÌ §ÅÄ À¡Õí¸.  þó¾ ºð¼ò¨¾ çðÎÄ ¯ûÇ¡È «ÎìÌí¸. ġâ측ÃÛìÌ ¦¸¡Îì¸ §ÅñÊ À½ò¨¾ ¦¸¡ÎòÐ «ÛôÀÄ¡ÓøÄ «ÅÛìÌ §ÅÈ §ƒ¡Ä¢ þÕì̧Á’
«Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢ ÓóáÚ åÀ¡¨Âò¾Â¡È¡¸ ±ÎòÐ즸¡ñÎ Åó¾¡û. «¨¾ Á¢É¢Ä¡Ã¢ì¸¡ÃÉ¢¼õ ´ôÀ¨¼ò¾¡ý.
‘ ¿¡¨ÇìÌ §ÅÄ ¦¾¡¼í¸Èõ. ãÏ ¦Á¡¨È ¿¡Û ÅóÐ þÕì¸ý,  ´Õ Ë º¡ôÒÎýÛ ¿£í¸ ¦º¡øÖÄ. ¯í¸ ËÔìÌ ¿¡Û ´ñÏõ  «¨ÄÔÄ. ´Õ þÐìÌ þ¨¾î ¡øÖÈý’
‘ ¿£í¸ Å¡í¸ çðÎìÌûÇ¡È.  ¿øÄ Ë¡ §À¡ðÎò¾Èý º¡ôÎ §À¡¸Ä¡õ’ «Åû ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ Óó¾¢ì¦¸¡ñÎ ¦º¡ýÉ¡û.
«Åý «¾¢÷óÐ §À¡É¡ý. þôÀÊ ±øÄ¡õ  «Åû ¦º¡øÀÅ§Ç þø¨Ä¾¡ý.
‘ ±ÉìÌõ §ÅÄ ÀÄÐ þÕìÌ. ¬É¡ ÁÃÅ¡ÊìÌ Åó§¾ý. Å¡û Àð¼¨ÈìÌ §À¡Éý. þÆôÒ ¬¨ÄìÌõ §À¡Éý. ¿¡Û þÐìÌ ±øÄ¡õ  ¯í¸ ¸¢ð¼ ºõÀÇõ §¸ìÌÄ .¿¡Ç츢 ±ý §ÅÄ ¦¾¡¼í¸Èý.«ôÒÈõ §Àº¢ìÌÄ¡õ.’
‘ ºïº¡ÂÁ¡¾¡É §ÅÄ’
‘ ¬Á¡õ «ôÀ¾¡ý §ÅÄ Íò¾õ þÕìÌõ. ¸¼¡ Ò¼¡ýÛ «Ê ¦¸¼¡Å¢ðÎ §À¡×È §ÅÄ þøÄ¢í¸ þÐ’
«Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢ìÌ Ó¸õ ÁÄ÷óÐ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾Ð. «Åý «¾¨É ´Õ Ó¨È À¡÷òÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
‘ ¿¡ý ¦¸ÇõÒÈý’
‘ ºÃ¢’
‘ ¿¡í¸ ¦ÃñÎ §ÀÕ ÅÕÅõ . ¸¡¨Ä墀 Á¡¨ÄÂ¢Ä Ë . Á¾¢Âõ º¡ôÀ¡Î þÕìÌ.
¦º¡øÄ¡Á §À¡Â¢ð¼¡  ¦ÀÈÌ ±ýÉ¡ ¬×ÈÐ «¾¡ý þôÀ§Å  «¨¾ ¦º¡øÄ¢Ò¼Èý.
‘ þÐìÌ ¦ÃñÎ §ÀÕ §ÅÏÁ¡’
¬º¡Ã¢ ´Õ Ó¨È Àø¨Äì¸ÊòÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
 §ÅÄ ¦¾Ã¢Â¡¾Åí¸ ¸¢ð¼ §ÅÄ ¦ºöÔÈÐ ¦ÃõÀ ¦ºÕÁõ’
 ¬º¡Ã¢§Â ¦º¡øĢ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
«Åû ÌÚ츢ð¼¡û.
‘ ¿£í¸ Å¡í¸. ±ôÀ¢Ê ¦ºöÔϧÁ¡. «ôÀ¢Ê ¦ºöÔí¸. º¡ÕìÌ ¦ÅÅÃõ Òâ¡В
¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ  «Åû  ¦º¡øĢ즸¡ñ¼¡û.
«Åý ²Ðõ §Àº¡Áø þÕó¾¡ý.
‘ ¿¡Ç츢 Å÷Ãý’  ¬º¡Ã¢ ÒÈôÀð¼¡ý
ÁÃð¼í¸û Å£ðÊø ÍÅ÷ ¶ÃÁ¡¸ «Î츢츢¼ó¾É. «¨Å¸Ç¢ý þÎì̸Ǣø ÀÄ Åñ½ ±ÚõÒ¸û  ÀøÄ¢¸û Å¡ºõ ¦ºöÂò¦¾¡¼í¸¢É. ÀòÐ ¿¡ðÙìÌ §ÁÄ¡¸ ¬¸¢Â¢Õì¸Ä¡õ. §À¡É ¬º¡Ã¢ «Åý Å£ðÎôÀì¸õ ÅçŠþø¨Ä.  ÅÕ¸¢§Èý ±ýÚ  ¦º¡øÄ¢ô§À¡É «ó¾ ¬º¡Ã¢ ±í§¸¾¡ý §À¡É¡ý ±ýÚ  «ÅÛìÌ ì¸Å¨Ä.  ¾ý Å£ðÊüÌ Åէš÷ìÌõ §À¡§Å¡÷ìÌõ  Å¢Çì¸õ ¦¸¡ÎòÐ «ÅÉ¡ø ÓʧŠþø¨Ä. ¦ÃʧÁÎ ¸ðÊÄ¡¸§Å ÁÃÁ¡ý¸û ¸¨¼Â¢ø ´ýÚ Å¡í¸¢ þÕì¸Ä¡õ.  ²§¾¡ ¦Àâ º¢ì¸Ä¢ø Á¡ðÊ즸¡ñΠŢ𼾡¸§Å «Åý ¿¢¨ÉòÐ즸¡ñÎ ÒÄõÀ¢É¡ý.
‘ ±Ð×õ ¿¡Á ¸¢ð¼ þÕóÐ  ƒ¡Á¡ÛÅ Å¡í¸¢ ¦¸¡ÎòÐî ¦ºöÂ¢È Á¡¾¢Ã¢ ¬×Á¡’ ±ýÚ Â¡§ÃÛõ ¦º¡øĢŢð¼¡ø «ÅÛìÌ즸¡ïºõ ¬Ú¾Ä¡¸ þÕìÌõ. «ÖÅĸ ¿ñÀÉ¢¼õ Å¢º¡Ã¢ò¾¡ý. ¬º¡Ã¢ ±í§¸Ûõ ¦ÅÇ¢ä÷¾¡ý §À¡ö þÕ츧ÅñÎõ. °Ã¢ø þÕóÐ ¦¸¡ñÎ þíÌ ÅáÁø þÕì¸ ÓÊ¡о¡ý.
«Åý  ¾ý «ÖÅĸ   ¿ñÀÉ¢¼õ §¸ðÎ ¨Åò¾¡ý..
‘¬º¡Ã¢  ţΠ¦¾Ã¢ÔÁ¡’
‘ ²ý «ùÅÇ× àÃõ. ¿¡ý §À¡Â¢ À¡ì¸§Èý  ¯í¸ÙìÌ ¬º¡Ã¢Â «ÛôÀ¢ Å츢§Èý.’ «ÅÛìÌ «ó¾  ¿ñÀ§É ´ò¾¡¨ºÂ¡ö Å¢¨¼ ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
«Åý Áɾ¢üÌû ÌÚÌÚ ±ýÚ þÕó¾ ´Õ Å¢„Âõ. Á¢É¢ ġâ¢ø ²üȢ즸¡ñÎ §À¡É ºÃìÌ  þ¨ÆôÀ¸õ ¦ºýÚ ¾¢ÕõÀ¢Â¾¢ø ²Ðõ ̨ÈóÐ þÕ츧ÅñÎõ. À¡¾¢ìÌ §ÁÄ¡¸ò¾¡ý ºð¼ò¨¾ì ¸¡§½¡õ. «ôÀÊ¡ ̨ÈóРŢÎõ.  þ¾¢ø ²Ðõ Ý𺢠þÕì¸ §ÅñÎõ.
¬¸ ¿ñÀÉ¢¼§Á Å¢º¡Ã¢òРŢΧšõ ±É ÓÊ×ìÌ Åó¾¡ý.
‘ þ¨ÆôÒ Àð¼¨ÈìÌô§À¡É¾¢ø ÁÃò¾¢ø À¡¾¢¨Â측§½¡õ. «ôÀ¢Êò¾¡ý ̨ÈÔÁ¡’
‘ ºð¼ò¾ ±ñ½¢ «ÛôÀ¢É¢í¸Ç¡’
‘ þø¨Ä’
‘ «ôÒÈõ ±ÐìÌ ô§ÀÍÈ£í¸  ±¨¾Ôõ ±ñ½ Á¡ðÊí¸. ¬É¡ ¦¸¡Èﺢ §À¡îº¢ýÛÁðÎõ  ¯í¸ ÁÉÍ ¦º¡øÖÐ. þÐ ±ôÀ¢Ê  º¡Õ þÕìÌÐ’
‘ ±øÄ¡õ ºÃ¢Â¡ò¾¡ý  ¿¼ìÌõ Â¡Õ Â¡¨Ã ²Á¡ò¾¢ ±ýÉ ¦¸Î¾Ö ¦ºïº¢¼ô§À¡È¡í¸ýÛ ´Õ ¦¿ÉôÒ’
‘ ¦¿ÉôÒò¾¡ý ¦À¡Æô¨À즸ÎìÌÐ’
‘ þÉ¢§ÁÖìÌ ±øÄ¡ò¨¾Ôõ ºÃ¢Â¡ ±ñ½¢ Å¼§Èý’.
 Íθ¡ðÎ ¨Åá츢Âõ º¡Õ þÐ. ܼ Å¡úó¾Åý ¦À¡½Á¡Â¢ ¦º¨¾Â¢Ä ±Ã¢ÂÌûÇ ÁÉõ ¦¸¼óÐ À¾Úõ þôÀ§Å §À¡Â¢  À¡Ä ÓÕ¸ÕìÌ ´Õ §¸¡Â¢Ö ¸ðÎÏõÛ «ó¾ ÁÉõ ¦º¡øÖõ. «ôÒÈõ ÌǢ ÓØÅ¢ ÀÕôÒ º¡õÀ¡Õ «Ê¡  °ò¾¢¸¢Û ¦¸¡ÆôÀ¢ ¿¡Ö ×ñ¼  Å¡Â¢Ä «ûÇ¢¦À¡ðθ¢ð¼¡ ±øÄ¡õ  ÀÆÂÀÊìÌ ¬Â¢¼¡¾¡ º¡Õ.  «ó¾ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¸¢ð¼ ÁðÎõ ±Ð×õ §¸ðμ¡¾¢í¸. ¦¾Ã¢¾¡. ¦Àâ ºñ¼Â¡ âÎõ’
‘¬º¡Ã¢Â ¸¢ð¼ §¸ôÀÉ¡’
‘ºÃ¢ ¬º¡Ã¢Â ¿¡Û À¡òÐ «ÛôÀ¢ Å츢§Èý’
¿ñÀý ¦º¡øÄ¢ÂÀʧ ¬º¡Ã¢ ÁÚ¿¡û ¸¡¨Ä¢ø «Åý Å£ðΠš¢Ģø ÅóÐ ¿¢ýÈ¡ý. «Åý ¦¸¡ñÎ Åó¾ ¸ÕÅ¢¸û ¨À  ´ý¨Èî ÍÅ÷ ¶ÃÁ¡¸ ¨Åò¾¡ý.
‘ §ÅÄ ¦¾¡¼íÌÈý’ ±ýÈ¡ý.
¬º¡Ã¢ ÅÕ¸¢ýÈŨà «Åý Á£Ð ±Ã¢îºÄ¡¸ þÕó¾Åý «Å¨Éì¸ñ¼Ðõ ÁÉõÁ¡È¢ô§À¡É¡ý. þó¾ ºÁ¡îº¡Ãõ ÁðÎõ¾¡ý «ÅÛìÌ ôÀ¢ÊÀ¼Å¢ø¨Ä. ¡¨Ãò¾¢ðθ¢È¡§É¡ «Å÷¸û ¸ñ½¢ø ÀðÎÅ¢ð¼¡ø  À¡Øõ ÁÉõ ¯¼ý ̨ÆóÐ §À¡¸¢ÈÐ.
¬º¡Ã¢ ÁÃîºð¼í¸¨Ç «ÎìÌÅÐõ ¸¨ÄôÀÐõ Á¡È¢ Á¡È¢ ¦ºöÐ ¦¸¡ñ§¼ þÕó¾¡ý. Á£ñÎõ ÁÃò¨¾ þ¨ÆôÀ¡ý. Ð¨Ç ´ýÚ §À¡ÎÅ¡ý. . ¾ðÎÅ¡ý. «ÎìÌÅ¡ý, ¸¨ÄôÀ¡ý. Á£ñÎõ Ð¨Ç ´ýÚ §À¡ÎÅ¡ý, ´ò¾¡¨ºìÌ ±É ´Õ ¬û «Åý ܼ§Å Åó¾¢Õó¾¡ý.. «ÅÛõ ¬º¡Ã¢¾¡ý ±ýÀ¡ý. ¬º¡Ã¢ìÌ ò¾Õõ ÜÄ¢ «ÅÛìÌõ  ¦¸¡Îì¸ §ÅñÎõ ±ýÀ¡ý, ¦ÅüÈ¢¨Äô¦À¡ðÎ즸¡ûÅ¡ý. À£Ê ´ý¨È À¢ÊòЦ¸¡ñο¢üÀ¡ý.
‘ ´Õ Ë º¡ôÒðÎ Å÷Ãý.’ ¦º¡øÄ좸¢ÇõÀ¢ Å¢ÎÅ¡ý.
Óɢ¡ñÊ Å¢Ä¡º¢ø¾¡ý «ÅÛìÌôÀ¡Î. §À¡ö¾¡ý º¡ôÀ¢ðÎ ÅÕÅ¡ý.
þôÀÊ¡¸ ´ÕÅ¡Ãõ ¸Æ¢òÐÅ¢ðÎ
‘ ¦ÃñÎ Àì¸Óõ â §À¡ÎÏõ, ¸¡ø Á¡Î ¾Ä Á¡ÎÄ â ô§À¡ð¼ Àĸ ÅÕÏõ ºð¼ò¾ ±ÎòÐõ §À¡Â¢ â §À¡ð¼¡Èý. «ÐìÌ ´Õ þ¼õ þÕìÌ. «í¸ §À¡Éò¾¡ý  «ó¾ì¸¨¾ ¬×õ «ïº¢ áÚ ¦¸¡Îí¸. §ÁÄ Ü¼ ¬×õ «¨¾ «ôÒÈõ À¡ìÌÄ¡õ’. 
‘ ºð¼ò¨¾ ±ñ½¢ ±ÎòÐðÎô§À¡×Ïõ’
‘ ±ýÉ¡ §ÀÍÈ£í¸ º¡Õ. ¡ո¢ð¼ §ÀÍÈ£í¸. «ôÀ¢Ê§Â  ×ðÎ ¦¸¼¡Å¢ðÎ ôâΧÅý. ¦¾Ã¢¾¡. ±ý çð¼  §¿Ã¡ ¿£í¸  ÅóÐ À¡ìÌÄ.   ±ý§É¡¼Ð º¢í¸ôâÕ çÎ.  º¢ýɾ¡ ¸¢ýɾ¡ ±¨¼ §À¡ðμ¡¾£í¸. ±ý¨ÉôÀò¾¢  Óغ¡ ¯í¸ÙìÌò¦¾Ã¢Â¡Ð. «¾¡ý §ÀÍÈ£í¸ ¯í¸ ¬À¢Í측ÃÕ ¦º¡ýÉ¡§ÃýÛ ¿¡ý þí¸ §Å¨ÄìÌ Åó¾ý ¯í¸Ç Á¡¾¢Ã¢ ¾ÕÁòÐìÌ «Ãº¡í¸ °ðÎÄ ¿¡ ´ñÏõ ÌÊ¢ÕìÌÄ’
«¾üÌû «Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢ «í§¸ ÅóÐ ¿¢ýÈ¡û. ¬º¡Ã¢ ³áÚ åÀ¡¨Â  Å¡í¸¢¦¸¡ñÎ ÁÃôÀĸ¨ÂÔõ ±ÎòÐ즸¡ñÎ ¸¢ÇõÀ¢É¡ý. ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢ý À¡÷¨Å§Â ºÃ¢Â¢øÄ¡Áø þÕó¾Ð.
‘ ¿£í¸ §À¡í¸ «ÅÕ ¦¾Ã¢Â¡¾ÅÕ’ «Åû ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ ¦º¡øÄ¢ «ÛôÀ¢¨Åò¾¡û.
«Åý þÐ ¸ñÎ «ÄðÊ즸¡ûǧŠþø¨Ä. þÐ ±ýÉ  þýÚ Ò¾¢Â¾¡ö ¿¼ì¸¢È¾¡ . ±ò¾¨É§Â¡ ¾Ãõ À¡÷ò¾¡Â¢üÚ. ±ó¾ ô¦ÀñÏõ ¾¡ý ¾ý ¸½Åý ¾ý¨É측ðÊÖõ Å¢ÅÃõ ¦¾Ã¢ó¾Åý ±ýÚ ´òÐ즸¡ûÅÐ þø¨Ä.   «ôÀʧ  ´òÐ즸¡ñΠ Å¢ð¼¡ø À¢ý ±ôÀÊ  «Åû ´Õ ¦Àñ½¡öô À¢Èó¾¢Õì¸ ÓÊÔõ.
                            «öó¾¡Ú ºð¼í¸û ÁðÎõ þô§À¡Ð  «Åý Å£ðÊø «É¡¨¾Â¡ö츢¼ó¾É. þÐ ´ýÚõ Óʸ¢È¸¨¾Â¡ö þø¨Ä§Â ±É ±ñ½¢ôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ý. Å¡í¸¢Â ÁÃí¸Ç¢ø À¡¾¢¨Âò¾ý Å£ðÊüÌ  ¬º¡Ã¢ ±ÎòÐýÚ þÕôÀ¡§É¡ ±ýÚ «ÅÛìÌ Áɾ¢üÌû ºí¸¼Á¡¸ þÕó¾Ð.
þÐ ÀüÈ¢ ò¾ý Á¨ÉÅ¢Ô¼ý «ÅÉ¡ø §ÀºÓÊÂÅ¢ø¨Ä. §Àº §ÅñÎõ ±ýÚ ¬ÃõÀ¢ôÀ¡ý. ¬É¡ø §Àº¡Á§Ä ¿¢Úò¾¢ì¦¸¡ûÅ¡ý. ±Ð ¦º¡øÄ¢ ±ýÉ ¬¸ô§À¡¸¢ÈÐ. ¸¨¼º¢Â¢ø «Åý  ÁðΧÁ ¾ÅÚ ¦ºöÐŢ𼾡¸  ±øÄ¡ì ¸¨¾Ôõ ÓÊóЧÀ¡¸¢ÈÐ.  ¦º¡ó¾ ¦ºÄŢġ §À¡ö ÝÉ¢Âõ ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ûÅÐ ±É §Â¡º¢ò¾¡ý. . «Åý ÁÉõ ÁðÎõ ²§¾¡ ¾ÅÚ ¿¼ó¾¢ÕôÀ¨¾ «È¢Å¢òÐ즸¡ñ§¼¾¡ý þÕó¾Ð.
¾¡Á¨Ãôâ ´ý¨È ´Õ ÀĨ¸Â¢ø «Æ¸¡öÐ츢 ±ÎòÐ즸¡ñÎ ¬º¡Ã¢ ÁÚ¿¡§Ç «Åý Å£ðÎìÌò ¾¢ÕõÀ¢É¡ý.
‘ ÌÎò¾ ¸¡ÍÄ ´Õ ¦À¡õÁ¾¡ý §À¡¼ ÓÊﺢВ
¾¡Á¨Ãô⠫Ƹ¡¸ ÁÃò¾¢ø ¦ºÐì¸ôÀðÎ þÕó¾Ð.  ¾¡Á¨Ã þ¨Ä¸û ¾ýθû ¾ò åÀÁ¡¸ þÕó¾É.  ÁÉõ «ÅÛìÌ ¾¢Õô¾¢ ¬ÉÐ. «¾¨Éò¦¾¡ðÎôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ý. «Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢ «Åý «Õ¸¢ø ÅóÐ ¿¢ýÚ¦¸¡ñÎ’
‘ ´Õ Àĸ¡Â¢Ä¾¡É¡ ¾¡Á¨Ãôâ×’ ±ýÈ¡û.
‘ þЧŠ¿£í¸ ¸¡º¢ ÌÎì¸ÄýÉ¡ þó¾ þÐ×õ ¬×Á¡’
¬º¡Ã¢ À¾¢ø ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
‘ ¿£í¸§Ç þÐ Á¡¾¢Ã¢  â §ÅÄí¸ ¦ºöÔÈÐ þøÄ¡’ «Åý¾¡ý §¸ðÎ ¨Åò¾¡ý.
¬º¡Ã¢ «Å¨É§Â Ó¨ÈòÐôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ý. À¾¢ø ²Ðõ ¦º¡øÄ¡Á§Ä þÕó¾¡ý. «Åý ŢΞ¡¸×õ þø¨Ä.
‘ ¯í¸¨Ç¾¡ý §¸ð§¼ý ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡§Ã  ¿£í¸ þÐ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ ¦À¡õ¨Á §Å¨Äí¸ ±øÄ¡õ ¦ºöÔÈÐ þøÄ¡’
¬º¡Ã¢ ±Ð×õ À¾¢ø ¦º¡øÄ¡Á§Ä¾¡ý þÕó¾¡ý.
‘ ´Õ ¾Ãõ §¸ðÊí¸ «ÅÕ À¾¢ø ¦º¡øÖÄ  «¾ «ôÀʧ ŢðÎñÏõ’ «Åû «ÅÉ¢¼õ ¦º¡ýÉ¡û.
‘ þøÄ  «Ð ¦¾Ã¢Ôõ ¦¾Ã¢Â¡ÐýÛ ¦º¡øÖÄ¡õÄ’
 º¡Õ   ¬×È ¸¨¾Â §ÁÄ À¡ìÌÄ¡õÄ’ ¬º¡Ã¢ ÓÊòШÅò¾¡ý.¬º¡Ã¢  Á£ñÎõ ÁÃî
ºð¼í¸¨Ç ±ÎòÐ À¢Ã¢òÐ À¢Ã¢òÐ ¨ÅòÐ즸¡ý¼¡ý.  «¨Å¸¨Çò¾¼Å¢É¡ý. š¡ø °¾¢ôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ý ¾ðÊ즸¡ñ¼¡ý. ´ýÈ¢ý Á£Ð ´ýÚ «Î츢 ºÃ¢À¡÷ò¾¡ý.  §¾öò¾¡ý. ÓШ¸ ŨÇòÐ ôÀ¢ý ¿£ðÊ즸¡ñÎ  ²§¾¡ «Ç× ºÃ¢ À¡÷ò¾¡ý. À¢ÈÌ ºð¼ò¨¾  «Øò¾¢ «Øò¾¢ þ¨Æì¸ ¬ÃõÀ¢ò¾¡ý.
‘ ±õÁ¡ÛìÌ ´Õ ÁÃò¨¾ ¿¡Á þ¨Æì¸È§Á¡ «õÁ¡ÛìÌ ¦ºöÂ¢È ¦À¡ÕÙ ÅÖ×’ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¾ÉìÌò¾¡§É ¦º¡øĢ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.  §¸¡÷¼÷º¢ø «ì¸õ Àì¸õ ÌÊ¢ÕôÀÅ÷¸û «Åý ²§¾¡ ¯Ä¸ «¾¢ºÂõ ´ýÚ ¦ºöž¡¸×õ «Ð  «Å÷¸Ç¡ø þÂÄ¡Áø §À¡öŢ𼾡¸×õ  §Â¡º¢ò¾¡÷¸û.
«Åû ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ «Êì¸Ê ¸ðÊÄ¢ý ¸£Æ¡¸ «¨Áì¸ô§À¡Ìõ «¨È ÀüÈ¢§Â §Àº¢É¡û. ¬º¡Ã¢ «¾¨É «Äðº¢Âõ ¦ºö§¾ §Àº¢É¡ý. ²ý  «ó¾ ¬º¡Ã¢ «ôÀÊô§À͸¢È¡ý ±ýÀÐ «ÅÙìÌò¦¾Ã¢ó¾¡ø¾¡§É.
‘¿£í¸ ¦º¡øÖÈ£í¸  ¸ðÊÖìÌ츣ơ ´Õ ź¾¢ §ÅÏõÛ. «Ð ¸ðÊÖìÌ ÅÖ× ¦¸¡Èîºø. §Â¡º¨É Àñ½¢ À¡Õí¸. þøÄ Â¡¨ÃÔõ §¸ðÎôÀ¡Õí¸ ¦¾Ã¢ïº¢ì¸Ä¡õ. ±ÉìÌ ´ñÏõ þø§Ä ¿¡Û ÜĢ측Ãý. ±¾  ¦ºö¢ýÉ¡Öõ ¦ºö§Åý.’
‘§¾¡ À¡Õ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡§Ã ¦º¡Õ× Àĸ¡ Å ¸ðÊÖ ¦ºöÔÈÐýÛ¾¡ý §À. þøÄýÉ¡ ¸ð椀 §Å½¡õ.¦¾Ã¢¾¡’
‘ þøÄí¸õÁ¡ ÍõÁ¡ ¦º¡ý§Éý.¿øÄÐýÛ ÀðÊ «¾¡ý ¦º¡ý§Éý.’
«Åý ±Ð×õ §Àº¡Á§Ä þÕó¾¡ý.  þЧÀ¡ø þì¸ð¼¡É ºÁÂí¸Ç¢ø ±øÄ¡õ «ÅÛìÌ ô§Àº§Å ¦¾Ã¢Â¡Ð «Åû ¦º¡øĢ¢Õ츢ȡû¾¡§É. À¢ÈÌ ±ôÀÊ «ÅÛõ ÌÚ째 §ÀÍÅÐ. «Åû «Å¨É ´Õ Ó¨È Ó¨ÈòÐôÀ¡÷ò¾¡ý. «Åý §ÅÚ Àì¸õ ¾¢ÕõÀ¢ì¦¸¡ñ¼¡ý.
‘§ÅÄ ±ôÀ ÓÊÔõ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡§Ã’
‘ ¬Â¢ð§¼ þÕì̧¾. ¿£í¸ À¡ìÌÄ.  ¸ðÊÖìÌ츣§Æ Å÷à «ó¾ ¦À¡ðÊ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ ´ñÏ ¦º¡øÖÈ£í¸§Ç «¾¡ý ¸É §ÅÄ. «Ð þøÄýÉ¡ §ÅÄ þó§¿Ãõ ÓÊﺢ þÕìÌõ.’

‘ ºðÎýÛ ÓÊí¸ ¸¡ñðáì𼡠§Àº¢ þÕó¾¡ þó§¿Ãõ §ÅÄ ¬Â¢ÕìÌõ. ºïº¡ÂÁ¡ ×ð¼Ð ±ý ¾ôÒ’
‘ «ôÀÊ þøÄ¢í¸  §ÅÄ墀 «Ð «Ð ¾Ãõ þÕìÌøÄ. ¸Ø¾Ôõ ̾¢¨ÃÔõ ±ôÀÊ ´ñ½¡Â¢ÎÁ¡’
«Åý ±Ð×õ ¸¡¾¢ø Å¡í¸¢ì¦¸¡ûÇ¡Á§Ä þÕó¾¡ý.
‘ §ÅÄ þØòи¢ðΧÀ¡Å¡¾ ÓÊí¸.  ¸ðÊÖì¸Ì ì¸£Æ Å÷à «ó¾ ¦º¡Ú×ÀÄÅ¡¾¡ý ¦Ã¡õÀ  Ó츢Âõ. «¾ ¸¦Ãì𼡠¦ºïº¢¼Ïõ. §ÅÄÔõ ºðÎÛ ¬×ðÎõ’
¬º¡Ã¢ ¾ý §Å¨Ä¢ø ÓõÓÃÁ¡¸ þÕó¾¡ý.
«ýÚ «Åý ÅÆì¸õ§À¡ø ¾ý «ÖÅĸõ ¦ºýÈ¡ý. ¬º¡Ã¢¨Â «ÛôÀ¢ ¨Åò¾ ¿ñÀý ±¾¢÷ôÀð¼¡ý.
‘ þýÛÁ¡ ¸ðÊÖ §ÅÄ ¬×Ð.’
‘ ¬Á¡õ. ¸¡ñðá켡 ×ðÎ þÕì¸Ä¡õ§À¡Ä. ¿¡Á¾¡ý ²Á¡óÐ §À¡Éõ’
‘ ¸ðÊÖ ¦ºö ±ÐìÌ þùÅÇ× ¿¡Ù. ºð¼ò¨¾ ¨ºÍ Àñ½¢ ±¨Æ ²ý  «í¸ «í¸ ¦¾¡¨Ç §À¡¼ÈÐìÌ ±øÄ¡§Á¾¡ý ¦Á„¢Û  ÅóÐ þÕìÌøÄ. þÐÄ ±ýÉ¡ §ÅÄ þÕìÌ. ´Õ ¿¡Ù ¦ÃñÎ ¿¡¨ÇìÌ §ÁÄ þÐÄ «ôÀ¢Ê ±ýÉ¡¾¡ý þÕìÌ’
‘ ¿£í¸ ¦º¡øÈÀÊÀ¡ò¾¡ þò¾É¢ ¿¡Ù ±ÐìÌ. ´ñÏ ¦º¡øÄ ÁÈóЧÀ¡§Éý, ¸ðÊÖìÌ ¸£Æ ´Õ ¦ÀðÊÁ¡¾¢Ã¢ ¦ºïº¢ ¦º¡Ú×ÀÄÅ §À¡¼ÏõÛ ±ý Å£ðÎ측⠧¡º¨É. «Ð ¬º¡Ã¢ ¸¢ð¼ ¦º¡øÄ¢ þÕì¸õ’
‘ ¦ºöÔȡá’
‘ ¬Á¡õ’
‘«Ð ¦ºò¾  Ü¼ §ÅÄ  ÌÎì¸Ä¡õ. þÕó¾¡Öõ þôÀ¾¡ý  ±Ð×õ ¦Á„¢Û ¦ºöÔÐ §Áĸ£§Æ ¨ºÍìÌ  À¢¨Ç ×𨼠«ÚòÐ ¦À¡ð¼¡½¢ «í¸ «í¸ §À¡ÎÅ¡Õ. «ùÅÇ×¾¡ý.§ÅÄ ºïº¡ÂÁ¡ ×𼡠þôÀÊò¾¡ý. ±ôÀ¢Ê º¡ôҼġõÛ ¬º¡Ã¢í¸ À¡ìÌÈ¡í¸. ¸¡ñðá켡 ×ð¼¡Öõ §ÅÄ ¾Ãõ þÕì¸ÃР ±ýÉ¡ ¦ºö§Å’
‘ ¿£í¸ ¦¸¡ïºõ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¸¢ð¼ §ÀÍí¸. ¿¡ý §ÀÍÉ¡ «×Õ ±ôÀ×õ ¸½ì¸¢Ä ±Îòиȧ¾ þø§Ä’
‘ ÜÄ¢ ÀðÎÅ¡¼¡ ±øÄ¡õ Â¡Õ ¿£í¸Ç¡ þøÄ «õÁ¡Å¡’
‘«¾¡ý §¸ð¼ý. ¿£í¸ ¾ñ½¢ À¡õÒ.  Â¡Õ ¸¡Í Å¸¢Ï Á½¢Âõ ÀñÏÈ¡í¸§Ç¡ «í¸¾¡É ±Ð×õ Á¼íÌõ’
‘ þÕì¸ðÎõ ¿£í¸ ¬º¡Ã¢Â À¡ò¾¡ §¸Ùí¸. ºðÎýÛ ÓÊýÛ ¦º¡øÖí¸. ±ýÉ¡¾¡ý ¬×ÐýÛ À¡ìÌÄ¡õ’
‘ ºÃ¢ ¿¡ý §¸ìÌÈý’ ¿ñÀý ´òÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
ÁÚ ¿¡û ¸¡¨Ä ¬º¡Ã¢ Åó¾¡ý. «Å§É¡Î þý¦É¡Õ ¬¨ÇÔõ ÜðÊ Åó¾¡ý.
‘ þý¨ÉìÌ §ÅÄ ÓÊﺢ âÎõ. «¾¡ý ¦ÃñÎ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡ Åó¾õ’
‘ ¦Ã¡õÀ ºÃ¢ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡§Ã’
‘ ±ýÉ ºÃ¢ º¡Õ  ¯í¸ ¬À¢Í측ÃÕ¸¢ð¼ ±ýÉ¡ ¦º¡ýÉ¢í¸ «ùÕ  ±í¸¢ð¼ ºò¾õ §À¡ÎÈ¡Õ ¿¡Û §ÅÄ ÅÇò¾ÈÉ¡. ¦ºö §ÅñÊ §ÅÄ ¦ºïº¢ò¾¡§É ¬×Ïõ’
‘ ±øÄ¡òÐìÌõ Àð¨È Àð¨ÈýÛ §À¡Â¢ Å÷ãÕ. «ôÒÈõ ±ÐìÌ þõÁ¡õ ¿¡Ù’
‘ ±ýÉ¡ §ÀÍÈ£Õ º¡Õ. ¿¡ý ±ýÉ ¯õ À£ò¾ ¸¡ÍìÌ þó¾ §Å¦Ä þØòи¢ðΧÀ¡ÈýÛ¾¡§É. ¦º¡øÈ£Õ.  ¿øÄ¡ þøÄ º¡Õ’
‘ ±Ð ¿øÄ¡ þø§Ä.’
‘ §Å½¡õ §Àº§Å½¡õ «¾¡ý ¦º¡øÖ§Åý þñ¨½ìÌ §ÅÄ ÓÊðÎ ¿¡Û ¦¸ÇõÀ¢¼§Èý.
‘ ¿¡ý ´ñÏõ ¾ôÀ¡ ¦º¡øÖÄ. «×Õ ¾¡§É ¯í¸¨Ç  þó¾§Å¨ÄìÌ «ÛôÀ¢ÅÕ. «¾¡ý «ÅÕ¸¢ð¼ ¦º¡ý§Éý. ±Ð×õ ¾ôÀ¡¸¢ôÀ¡ ¦º¡øÖħ’
«¾üÌû «Åý Á¨ÉÅ¢ «í§¸ ÅóÐ ¿¢ýÈ¡û.
‘ ¬º¡Ã¢ ÅóÐ þÕ측ÕýÉ¡ ¿¡Á ¿õÁ §ÅÄ À¡ìÌÏõ. ¦ÃñÎ ¬º¡Ã¢í¸ ¿¢ìÌÈ¡í¸. §ÅÄ ¦ÁÉ즸ÎÐýÛ. þÐÄ. ±ýÉ¡ §ÀîÍ §Åñʦ¸¼ìÌýÛ §¸ìÌÈý.’
‘ «õÁ¡ þÅÕ ¬À¢Í측ÃÕ¸¢ð¼§À¡Â¢ ¿¡ý §ÅÄ þØòи¢ð§¼ §À¡ÈýÛ ¦º¡øÄ¢ þÕìÌÈ¡. «ôÀ¢Ê ¦º¡øÖÄ¡Á¡ýÛ¾¡ý §¸ìÌÈý.’
‘ þ×Õ ã𨼠¸ðʸ¢ðÎ §À¡ö  «¨¾ ¬À¢ÍÄ «Åà §¸ðÎ «×Õ ÅóÐ ¯õÁ¸¢ð¼ §¸ðÎ ¿£Õ þôÀ ÅóÐ þÅç¸ìÌÈ£Õ. þ¦¾øÄ¡õ ±ýÉ¡ §ÅÄ. ¯Îí¸ ¬º¡Ã¢Â¡§Ã §ƒ¡Ä¢Â À¡Õí¸’
‘ ¯í¸Ç¡Ä¾¡ý À¡ìÌÈý þøÄýÉ¡ §ÅÄ «ôÀ¢Ê§Â ×ðÎðÎ ¦¸ÇõÀ¢Î§Åý. ±ÉìÌ ¸¡Í ¦ÀÕÍ þøÄ. ÁÛ„¡Ù §ÅÏõ. þôÀ º¢í¸ôâÕÄ Å¡ Å¡ýÛ ±ýÉ ÜôҼȡý. ¬Â¢Ãõ §ÀÕ ¦¸ïÍÈ¡ý. ¿¡ý ¾¡ý ¦¾¡ð¼ §ÅÄ ×ðÎðÎô§À¡×ÈÐ ¦Á¡È þøÄýÛ À¡ìÌÈý. ÁÛ„¡ûÉ¡ §ÀÍÄ¡õ ±øÄ¡òÐìÌõ ´Õ «Ç× §ÅÏõ. «¾¡ý ¦º¡øÖÈý’

‘ ¦¸¼ìÌÈ¡Õ ¿£í¸ §ÅÄ À¡Õí¸ ¿¡ý¾¡ý ¸ðʸ¢ð¼ý ÀÎÈý. ¯í¸ÙìÌ ±ýÉ¡ þÕìÌ’
‘ ±ó¾ ¦À¡õõÉ¡ðÊ  ¿øÄ ÒÕº¨É ¸ðθ¢ð¼ý «¾É¡Ä ¿¡ý ºó§¾¡ºÁ¡ Å¡ØÈýÛ ¦º¡øÄ¢ þÕ측. ¸¼×Ù ÀçÁÍÅèɧ  ¸ðÊ츢ð¼¡Öõ  «ó¾ô À¡÷ž¢ ¿¡Û ºó§¾¡ºÁ¡ þÕìÌÈýÉ¡ ¦º¡øÄô§À¡È¡. ¦À¡õÀÇ¡ ¦À¡Èó¾¡ ±ñ½¢ìÌõ ±ôÀ×õ ¦¸¡È¾¡ý. ¾ýÉÅ¢¼ ¾õ ÒÕºý  ´Õ ¦Á¡Æõ ܼ ÁìÌýÛ ¾¡ý  þó¾ ¯Ä¸òÐÄ þÕìÌÈ ±øÄ¡ ¦À¡õÀ¨ÇÔõ ¿¢¨É츢ȡ’ «Åý §Àº¢ì¦¸¡ñ§¼ þÕó¾¡ý.
¬º¡Ã¢ «Åý §ÀÍŨ¾§Â ¸ÅÉ¢òÐ즸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ý. ¬º¡Ã¢ìÌ ¬îºÃ¢ÂÁ¡¸ìܼ þÕó¾Ð. Å¡öÅ¢ðÎ ´ÕÓ¨È º¢Ã¢òÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
‘ ¯í¸ÙìÌûÇ ºñ¼ ±ÐìÌ §Å½¡õ. ¿¡í¸ §ÅÄ À¡ìÌÈõ.’
ºð¼í¸¨Ç ±ÎòÐ즸¡ñΠ §ÅÄ ¦ºöÔõ þ¼ò¾¢üÌ ô§À¡ö «Á÷óЦ¸¡ñ¼¡ý  ¬º¡Ã¢  «¨ÆòÐ Åó¾ ¬Ùõ «Å§É¡Î ÅóÐ ¯ð¸¡÷óЦ¸¡ñ¼¡ý.
«Íø¾¢Â¢ø §Å¨Ä¸û ¿¼óЦ¸¡ñÊÕó¾É, «Åý ÅÆì¸õ§À¡ø  ¾ý «ÖÅĸõ ÒÈôÀð¼¡ý.
‘ ¬º¡Ã¢ §ÅÄ ¦ºöÔÈ¡í¸ À¡òÐ츒
‘ ¿¡ý¾¡É À¡òÐ츧Èý þñ¨½ìÌ ±ýÛ§Á¡ «¾¢ºÂÁ¡ §º¾¢ ¦º¡øÖÈ£í¸’
‘ þøÄ §ÅÄ þý¨½ìÌ ÓÊÔÐýÛ ¦º¡ýÉ¡Õ’
‘ºÃ¢’‘ «Åû À¾¢ø ¦º¡ýÉ¡û.
«ÖÅĸò¾¢ø «Å§É¡Î À½¢Â¡üÚõ ¿ñÀý ±¾¢÷ôÀð¼¡ý.
‘ þñ¨½ìÌ ¯í¸ §ÅÄ ÓÊﺢ âÎõ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¦º¡ýÉ¡Õ’
‘ ¬Á¡õ’
‘ §ÅÄ ±Ð ŨÃìÌõ ¬¸¢ ¢ÕìÌ’
  ¦ºöÐ ÅÕì¸¢È¡Õ «Ð «¾ì  §¸¡ò¾¡¾¡§É À¡ìÌÄ¡õ  ºð¼í¸  «ôÀÊ «ôÀʧ ¦¸¼ìÌ’
‘ ¿¡¨ÇìÌ ¦º¡øÖí¸ þôÀ ±ýÉ «×ºÃõ’
‘ Å¡í¸§Çý ÅóÐ ±ôÀ¢Ê §ÅÄ ¬Â¢ÕìÌýÛ À¡ìÌÄ¡õ’
  ´Õ ¿¡¨ÇìÌ Å÷§Ãý’
‘ Å¡í¸ ÅóÐ À¡òÐðÎ ¦º¡øÖí¸’
Á¡¨Ä ţΠ¾¢ÕõÀ¢É¡ý. ¸ðÊø «§É¸Á¡¸ ÓØ ¯ÕÅõ ¦ÀüÚ þÕó¾Ð. ¬º¡Ã¢¸û þÕÅÕõ  ¸ðÊÄ¢ý ¸¡ø¸¨Çò ¾ðÊ즸¡ñÎõ ¾¼Å¢ì¦¸¡ñÎõ þÕó¾¡÷¸û.
‘ ±ýÉ §ÅÄ ±ôÀ¢Ê ¬Â¢ðÎ þÕìÌ’
‘ ‘ ¬Â¢Ê’ ¬É¡ ´Õ §º¾¢ ´Õ ÓôÀÐ ŠÌêí¸ §ÅÏõ ´ñ½Ã þïîº¢Ä «¾¡ý À¡ìÌÈý’
‘ ±ÐìÌ’
‘ þ¦¾øÄ¡õ ¦º¡øÄ¢¸¢ðÎ þÕì¸ ÓÊÔÁ¡ Å¡í¸¢Â¡í¸ýÉ¡ Å¡í¸¢Â¡È¡ §ÅñÎÂо¡ý §À¡ÅÌûÇ À¡òÐÌí¸ ¿¡Û þí§¸óÐ ±¾¡ÅÐ §ÅðÊÄ ÓÊﺢ¸¢ðÎ §À¡ÈÉ¡ýÛ’
‘ þøÄ §¸ð¼ý’
‘§À¡í¸ §ÅÄ ¦¸¼ìÌ’
«Åý ÒÈôÀð¼¡ý. ´ñ½¨Ã þïî ŠÌå Å¡í¸ °÷ ÓØÅÐõ «¨ÄóÐ ¾¢Ã¢óÐ  «Ð ²§¾¡ ´Õ ¸¨¼Â¢ø ¾¡ý ¸¢¨¼ò¾Ð.
‘ ¸ðÊÖìÌ ±ÐìÌ þó¾ ŠÌå ±øÄ¡õ’
¸¨¼ì¸¡Ãý ¾¡ý §¸ð¼¡ý.
‘ ¬º¡Ã¢ Å¡í¸¢Â¡È ¦º¡ýÉ¡Õ’
‘ §ÅÄ ÓÊÂÈ §¿ÃÁ¡ þÐ’
‘ ¬Á¡õ ¸ðÊÖ ¦ºöÂ¡ý§Éý. §ÅÄ þñ¨½ìÌ ÓÊÔõÛ ¦º¡ýÉ¡Õ.’
‘ «ôÀ ºÃ¢¾¡ý. ¬º¡Ã¢í¸ §Åñ¼¡¾ º¡Á¡É §¸ìÌÈ¡÷É¡ ²§¾¡ ¦¸¡ÇÚ ÀÊ þÕìÌõ «Ð ¦¾Ã¢ïº¢ ¦ÅÇ¢Â¢Ä Åóмô§À¡×§¾ýÛ «Ð þÐ §ÅÏõ ¶Ê Å¡í¸¢Â¡õÀ¡í¸ ¬Á¡õ ÜĢ º¢øĨÈ¡ Á¡ò¾¢  ¦¸¡ñ¼¡í¸, «ó¾ ¬½¢ §ÅÏõ, þó¾ ŠÌÕ ¬½¢ §ÅÏõ, †¡ìº¡ ÜÃõ þøÄ Òк¡ ´ñÏ þôÀ§Å ¦¸¡ñ¼¡ÃÏõ, ¦¸¡ïºÁ¡ ±Áâ º£ðÎ ¿øľ¡ §ÅÏõÛ. §ÅÄ ÓÊÂÌûÇ þôÀ¢Ê ¬º¡Ã¢ôì¸  ¦º¡ýÉ¡ «ó¾ §ÅÄ墀 ²Ðõ ÝÐ þÕìÌõ’
«Åý ¾¢Ã¢ ¾¢Ã¢ ±ýÚ Å¢Æ¢ò¾¡ý.
‘ §À¡í¸ §ÅÄ ±Ð§Å¡ «¾ À¡Õí¸ þí¸ ±ý Å¡Â À¡òÐ ±ýÉ¡ ¬×ÈÐ’
¸¨¼ì¸¡Ãý Á£ñÎõ §º¾¢ ¦º¡ýÉ¡ý.
«Åý Å¡í¸¢Â º¡Á¡¨É ±ÎòÐ즸¡ñÎ  ¾ý ţΠÅó¾¡ý..
‘ þÕìÌÈÐ Å  §ÅÄ ¸îº¢¾Á¡ ÓÊð§¼ý.’
‘ þó¾ ŠÌê’
‘ ¯í¸ °ðÎÄ ±õÁ¡§É¡ §ÅÄ þýÛõ þÕìÌ ±Ð×õ ´ñÏõ Å£½¡ §À¡Å¡Ð ¨ÅÔí¸’
«Åý ±ýɦºöÅÐ ±ýÚ ¦¾Ã¢Â¡Áø ŢƢò¾¡ý.
‘ §À¡í¸ ¸½ì¸ ÓÊ «ÛôÒí¸’
 ¦ºö¾ ¸ðÊø Å£ðΠš¢Ģø ¸¢¼ó¾Ð.
‘ ¦¸¼ì¸ðÎõ ´Õ Å¡÷É£‰ §¸¡ðÊí ¦¸¡ÎòÐðÎ «ôÒÈõ þ¾ çðÎ ¯ûÇ¡È §À¡Îí¸’
‘ þñ¨½ìÌ ÜÄ¢ ÁðÎõ¾¡§É À¡ì¸¢ þó¾¡í¸’ «Åû ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ ºÃ¢Â¡ ´ôÀ¨¼ò¾¡û.
¬º¡Ã¢§Â¡Î Åó¾ ¬û ¸£§Æ ¸¢¼ó¾ º¢Ú º¢Ú ÁÃòÐñθû ±øÄ¡õ ¦À¡Ú츢 ò¾ý ¦Åû¨ÇìÌ ´ýÈ¢ø ¿¢¨ÈòÐ즸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ý.
‘ þÐ ±ÐìÌ’
‘ þí¸ ¦¸¼óÐ ±ýÉ¡ ¬Åô§À¡×Ð ÌôÀ¾¡§É «×Õ ±ÎòÐÛ§À¡×ðΧÁ’
‘ §À¡×ðÎõ ´Õ Å¡÷ò¾ §¸ìÌÄ¡õÄ’ «Åû ºñ¨¼ìÌ Åó¾¡û.
‘ ºÃ¢ ×Î ¿¡Á¾¡ý «¾ Å¸¢Ï ±ýÉ¡ ¦ºöÂô§À¡Èõ’
‘ ±ÐìÌõ ´Õ ¦Á¡¨È þÕìÌøÄ’
‘ «Öô¨À ºÉõ. ¿¡Á ÅóÐ Á¡ðÊ츢§É¡õ.’
‘ ±ýÉ¡ §ÀÍÈ£í¸’
 «Åý ¬º¡Ã¢Â¢¼õ §¸ð¼¡ý.
‘ þôÀ×õ ¦º¡øÈý. ¯í¸ ¬À¢Í측ÃÕ ¦º¡ýÉ¡§ÃýÛ þí¸ §Å¨ÄìÌ Åó¾ý þøÄýÉ¡ §¸¡Ê¡ ¦¸¡ðÊ ÌÎò¾¡Öõ ¿¡ý ÅÃÁ¡ð¼ý.’
¬º¡Ã¢¸û þÕÅÕõ Å¢¨¼ ¦ÀüÚ즸¡ñ¼¡÷¸û.
¸ðʨÄôÀ¡÷츠 «ÅÛõ «ÅÙõ «¾ý «Õ§¸ ¦ºýÈ¡÷¸û.
‘ ¦º¡Ú× Àĸ  ±íÌ þÕìÌ’
‘ þøÄ ¦ÃñÎ Àì¸Óõ ¦Á¡ñ¨½Â¡¾¡É þÕìÌ’
¸ðÊÄ¢ý §Áø À̾¢¨Â ãÊ À¢¨Ç×ð ÀĨ¸Â¢ø À¡¾¢ ÁðÎõ ¾¢ÈóÐ À¡÷ìÌõ Å¢¾õ ¸ðÊø ¦ºöÂôÀðÎ þÕó¾Ð.
«Åý «Ð ¾¢ÈóÐ À¡÷ò¾¡ý.
«Åû «ó¾ §¸¡¼×ý «¨È¨ÂôÀ¡÷ò¾¡û.
‘ þÐ ±ýÉ¡ ±Õ¨Á ¸½ì¸¡ ¸ÉìÌÈ ÀĨ¸ à츢 «ôÀ «ôÀ  ¿¡ ±ýÉ ±Îì¸ÈÐ ±ýÉ ¨Åì¸ÈÐ. þÐ Â¡Ã¡Ä ¬×È ¸¡Ã¢Âõ. ¦º¡ÚÌ Àĸ Å ÍÖÅ¡ ¨ºÎÄ ¦¾¡ÈìÌÈÁ¡¾¢Ã¢¾¡É  ¦ºöÂ¡ýÉý’
‘ ¬Á¡õ. ¬º¡Ã¢ §ÁÄ ¾ôÒ þøÄ ¿¡Á «ÅÕ þó¾ §Å¨ÄìÌ ¦¸¡ñ½¡ó¾Ð¾¡ý ¾ôÒ’
‘’ «ôÀ Â¡Õ §¸¡ñ¼¡ó¾¡’
‘ ¿¡ý¾¡ý.’
‘ þôÀ ¿õÀ ¨¸ô¦À¡ÕÙõ §À¡Â¢ ¿¡Á ±Ð §¸ð¼§Á¡ «Ð×õ þøÄýÛ ¬Â¢Ê’
‘ ¦Ã¡õÀ §¸×ÄÁ¡ þÕìÌ. «ó¾ ¬º¡Ã¢ À¡òÐ þÐ ±ýÉ¡ §¸×ÄõÛ §¸ìÌÄ¡Á¡
 ±í¸ô§À¡É¡Öõ þó¾ ¸¨¾Â¡ò¾¡ý þÕìÌ ±í¸ §À¡Â¢ ±í¸ Å󾡾¡ý ±ýÉ’ «Åû ¦º¡øĢ즸¡ý¼¡û.
ÁÚ¿¡û ÅÆì¸õ§À¡ø «ÖÅĸõ ¸¢ÇõÀ¢ô§À¡É¡ý. «Åý ¿ñÀý ±í§¸¡ ¦ºýÚÅ¢ðÎ ¾¡Á¾Á¡¸§Å Åó¾¡ý. ¦¸¡ïº §¿Ãõ §À¡¸ðΧÁ ±ýÚ þÕó¾Å¨É ¿ñÀ§É Óó¾¢ì¦¸¡ñÎ §¸ð¼¡ý
‘ ±ýÉ¡ ¸ðÊÖ §ÅÄ ÓÊﺢ¾¡’
‘ ÓÊﺢÐ. ¬É¡ ¿¡Á ¦º¡ýÉ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¸ðÊÄ ¦ºöÔÄ. «×Õ þŠ¼òÐìÌ ¦ºöÐð¼¡Õ.
‘ ¿£í¸ «ôÀ «ôÀ À¡ìÌÄ¡’
‘À¡ò§¾ý À¡ò§¾ý À¡òÐ ±ýÉ ¦ºöÂ. ¦ºïº ºð¼ò¨¾  ´Õ ¯Õš츢측ðÎÉÐ §ÅÄ ÓÊﺢ ¦¸ÇõÀÌûǾ¡ý ‘¿¡ý ¸ðÊÖìÌì¸£Æ ¦º¡Ú× ÀÄÅ ¾ûÇ¢ ¦¾¡ÈìÌÈ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ Åì¸ ¦º¡ý§Éý. ¬º¡Ã¢ ¸ðÊÖìÌ §ÁÄ ¦¾¡ÈìÌÈ Á¡¾¢Ã¢ ¦ºïº¢ð¼¡Õ. ¬õÀÇí¸¾¡ý §ÁøãÊ ¦¾¡Èì¸Ïõ. ¦À¡½Á¡ ¸ÉìÌÐ. ¿¡Á ¦¿ÉîºÐ ´ñÏ. «×Õ ¦ºïºÐ §ÅÈ ´ñÏ. ±ý çðÎ측âìÌ ´ñÏõ ¦º¡øÄ¢ì¸ ÓÊÂÄ’
‘ ¸ðÊÖ Òòº¡ ¦ºïº¢ðÎ ¦À¡½õ ¸¢½õÛ §ÀÍÉ¡ ±ýÉ¡ º¡Õ’
‘ «ôÀ¢Ê ¬Â¢ §À¡î§º ±ýÉ¡ ÀñϧÅ.’
 ÜÄ¢ ±øÄ¡õ ¸½ìÌôÀñ½¢ ¬º¡Ã¢ìÌ ÌÎò¾¡îº¡’
‘ ¬îº¢ «Ð «Ð «ñ½ «ñ½ì¸¢ ÓÊﺢ§À¡îº¢øÄ’
‘ «ôÒÈÁ §Àº¢ ±ýÉ¡ ¬×õ «ùÅÇ×¾¡ý «ÓºõÛ Åîº¢ì¸ §ÅñÊÂо¡ý’.
‘ ¡à ¦º¡øÄ¢ ±ýÉ ¦ºö§Å  Á¡ý Á¡÷ìÌ ì¦¸¡¼ ¨¸Â¢Ä þÕó¾¡Öõ Á¨Æ §ÀÂÌûÇ  «Ð Ţâﺢ¿¢ìÌÏõ. «Ð Áì¸¡Ú Àñ½¢îº¢ýÉ¡ ±ýÉ¡ ¦º¡ø֧Œ
‘ ‘ ¿øÄ¡ §ÀÍÈ£í¸ ¬É¡ ¦ºöÔÈ ¸¡Ã¢Âõ¾¡ý ¦¸ðÎô§À¡Â¢ÎÐ.  þÐ ±øÄ¡õ Òò¾¢¦¸¡ûÓ¾øÛ Å¸¢ð¼¡Öõ ´Õò¾ý ±õÁ¡ó¾¡ý «¾ ¦¸¡ûӾġ§Å ÀñÏÈÐ. ¿¡Ûõ ´Õ ¸ðÊÖ ¦ºöÔÄ¡õÛ À¡ò§¾ý, ¯í¸ÙìÌ ±ôÀ¢Ê ¦ºöÔÈ¡ÕýÛ «¾ À¡òÐÒðΠ ¿¡ÁÙõ   «ó¾ ¬º¡Ã¢¸¢ð¼ ¦º¡øÖÄ¡õÛ ´Õ ÓÊ×Ä þÕó§¾ý, þÉ¢ «ó¾ §ÅÄÔõ þøÄ.’
‘ ¿¡ý¾¡ý ²Á¡óÐ §À¡§Éý’
‘ º¡Õ ¬º¡Ã¢ ¸ð椀 ¯í¸ çðÎľ¡ý ¦Á¡¾ ¦Á¡¾  ´Õ ¸ðÊÖ ¦ºö ¦¾¡¼í¸¢ þÕ측Ւ
  ±ôÀÊ ‘
‘ þýÛÁ¡ ±ôÀ¢ÊýÛ §¸ôÀ¢í¸’’  ¿ñÀý ÓÊòÐ즸¡ñ¼¡ý.
«Åý þó¾ Å¢„Âò¨¾ÁðÎõ «ÅÇ¢¼õ  ¡Õõ ¦º¡øĢŢ¼ìܼ¡§¾ ±ýÈ «îºò¾¢ø þÕó¾¡ý.




     .  .