Saturday, February 11, 2012

poem 1.

Is there  a school?

What have religions taught us
do you know.
Why in the name of god
blood  and blood
wherever you go.
A God is to unite one and all
wherever we dwell and
whatever we do.
is that not so?

Why our fatherland India was divided in to two
one India and the other Pakistan
when we got independence
from British.
Didn’t god make that division possible
on gushing  streams of blood
got  from
crushing more than one million human lives.

Hit they each other with what they had in their reach.
Rape and murder, peril nonstop
our own brothers and sisters
who yell yah Allah and Ram Ram
day and night  were put  shame
on their own soil.

Gandhi the great man of India preached and practised
truth and nonviolence
as tools for achieving every goal.
Freedom we got from British
but secular  Gandhi  was finished with a bullet  
a Hindu fanatic got a score.
 Bangladesh was born
 Pakistan got divided
on  streams of blood again
of their own children.
God is one Allah to every one.

Speak they one Language
will a language unite people?
History reveals never so.
Why England fought  America
Is that for some Tax meagre as you are told in History notes
Not that, not that
but England s’ ego grew bigger than its’ due
cutting its’ roots
came United States out.
From the same book shop
Bibles holy copies got
the blacks and  whites of African soil
keep them in their shelves and kneel before them.
put  Nelson Mandela behind the bars.
for more than two decades or so.
Holy words read under one golden roof
meant differently to different men
that is why they erected boards  
displaying, ‘Indians and dogs do not enter’.

Ideology united  lands a lot
Soviet union was what we finally got.
to day where it is all we know.
Greater than the geatest
thinker till his last breathe
Lenin statue was pulled down
ghost like  bulldozers roar we heard.

Contribution of  Marx and Lenin
to mankind will cherish
till a man  breathes his last.
Socialism will never be wiped out
but rulers on earth may wither on times’ scythe.

Science and technology did a lot                                  
Cholera smallpox plague and polio.
where are those monsters now?
Viruses deadly you can master
Dinosaurs strength made you cipher
but indomitable is human ego.
Beads roll in your hand and shut you your eyes
reserve you a berth in heaven
don’t believe that you have overcome it.
Phoenix is one’s ego.
Dust from it will sprout
Beat the Everest in it’s height.
Alexander the great
or Hitler the racial beast
were toys of their ego tall.
All fights you witness
in sharing land water or air
green pasture of any kind you see
are of egoes born and nothing else.
Is there any school you find
to mend man
to keep him away
from unrighteous money
and to put him out of arrogant might.                                         –Essarci

Essarci  is a writer in Tamil and  English. His date of birth is 04.03.1954
The Tamil is a classical language of India. Essarci  believes in marxism and humanism. He is admirer of P.B.Shelly and Keats.  Among Indian writers  he prefers  Subramaniya Bharathi (Tamil)and Rabinranath Tagore(English). you can contact him on,



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