Wednesday, May 7, 2014

we live thus - a poem

We live thus                                                                                  - Essarci

He may be your son or my daughter
who works in Indian sea shore
in a software company
works for twelve hours a day
and gets one third of what his counterpart gets
for eight hours a day
in United States of America.
Thanks a lot to Globalization.

If one workman white goes on leave
a month In Chicago
From my India your son or my daughter flies to and
works sixteen hours a day on deputation
and gets twice of
What he would have got other wise here.
Pray we to God daily no doubt.
For the fortune thus showered to
Disregarding fellow men and women

Glittering spares of.
long new cars shipped to our soil
Silky automobiles born of these
taken in procession for quit escape.
Car companies drink our drinking water
Breathe our breezy air
We get in turn drinks drowsy and dirty smoke
Grip they our electric power nonstop
Making our hospitals sweat in Indian summer.

Brilliant school children of this soil
Brought out exploiting
Blood and sweat of our pale peasants
Get flights to Newyork and London
Work for and work with less privileged
And feel mock- living, atop
Fish flesh flower and fruits
Greens a lot and vegetables fresh
Fly to distant land
Filling up heavy purse of
men speaking a different tongue.

Cricket players learn to play
Earn, and earn to be gay.
Cricket now is a business global
Sports all gone and money left.
Nationalism narrow grows
On the bat borne stickers
Pooh-poohing the bold  vision of
by gone bards Shelley and Keats.

We pay for water now
For air to breathe and sun shine to live
Either we should pray
Or should we get away
For us what is in store, days ahead will decide.

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