Monday, April 29, 2019

translation poems from tamil

Translation by -essarci

1.Podiums of matrimony
Or of death, what if ?
Flowers smile.

2.Her shadow is black
A fair girl.

3.Let off in an old age home
a father accounts
Glory of his son.

4..Duty accomplished
Disregard of result
Rising sun
5..A violent struggle with the wind
Dew drops on a grass
In slumber.
6..Smile please from a photographer
Stumbles witty speaker.

7..On the terrace
A vegetable garden
 regret for paddy fields.

8..How long it grows
To a humambeing
This selfishness alias stinginess.

9 .Prayer answered
ailing son got life again
Sacrificial goat turned up for feast.

10..Branches laboured in Swinging
Got tallied with pillars
Aerial roots of banyan tree.

11..Unexpected it is
Eyes hit, one against the other
Love blossomed of an accident.

12 want you to look at
The smile of a flower
Find the face of an infant.

13.Fuel less air craft
A bird it is.

14.Eats of time
Living things all on earth.

15.Every one
An uninvited guest
Welcomes death.

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