Saturday, August 10, 2019

by woman -translated poem

By woman                                                  translated from tamil - essarci

Like a butterfly
My mind flirted
Till I am ten years old.
To a shirt and skirt
Added one shawl
I felt heavy in the mind.
A rose was I then
Mummys’ words turned a fence.
Ordered my father
‘In time return home’
Out of fatherly love.
But to a moustache sprouted younger brother
‘Go hither and thither and learn you a lot’
My parents’ daily trial.
When I step out of entrance
where do you go now?
Sprung as a surprise
Mummys; pinching question.
Today I am as my mother was then
In the same bent of mind
Slavery shackle born out of love
Still not broken by woman for woman..

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