Wednesday, August 14, 2019

pakkaththu viittu thaaththaakkal -panchdharm -translaed by essarci

Grand father neighbours.                              Translation -essarci

Vaiththi and Vaiyapuri
Crossed five decades of
Traditional friendship
Grand fathers they are,
Lost  their wives some time ago.

To vaiththi grandfather
Four sons and one daughter
All had secured government jobs.
To Vaiyapuri grand father
Three sons and two daughters
Doing their own business
All are local living.
To these grand olds
One month boarding  in each son’s house.
Every months’ turn
Every death house
Every Rain goddess temple festival
They two meet
Sweet conversation they enjoyed in their boyhood
Ailing incidents they come across
were their regular topics.

They crack jokes and laugh louder
Meanwhile they observe small silence
Perhaps they may be thinking of their bygone best halves.
Alerting themselves they continue their jokes.
About the food he got at a diabetic sons’ house
Or  from  son of high blood pressure
With pain Vaiththi speaks.
They  only  wish for the food they ate in past
We can live everywhere
But death should devour us in our own soil
Says Vaiyapuri grandfather.
Regarding  not visiting daughte’rs house
About the uncle or brother in laws’ homely meals
Hold no dispute with neighbour ever
Are the  topics of Vaiththi..
They  lament  for their childlessness
Where ever they see beggars of their age
Who even do not have that simple support..


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