Thursday, September 26, 2019

translated poems-Dharm panch

 Dharm-panch tamil poems.

Translation -essarci

Human body.

If one died  and burnt
Ashes we get.
Buried in the ground
Body turns soil again.
Human race
Negates the path of love
Where passion and hegemony rule.


On hard work
If every moment is spent
Every day will pass you joyously.

Wick of a lamp
Gives light turning to ashes.
Practise like that
Success waits at the border
Of every failure
Do you prepare
 to  accept filure.

Oh man
Having faith in fate
You forget to believe human effort.
Seed gets in to soil buried
Grows that to a big tree.
Have you not witnessed it.
Get  away from hard wok
You will lose life yours.
Losing confidence is losing success.

Oh youth
If a leaf is dropped
The branch is intact.
If a flower is dropped
The plant is intact.
Can a failure
Makes you to lose interest in life.
Losing confidence you struggle,
BUT not  to fall down.

Only once
Sweet time
Youth but once.
Get the target fixed
For every moment
 no grief will
Crush you in old age.


Rehearsal for death
Sleep is.
Enters through the eye
Hurts the heart

Stone becomes statue
Earth becomes pot
Seed becomes tree
Tree becomes door
Cotton turns to dress
Effort  if stopped not
Alone fetch you success.

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