Wednesday, September 4, 2019

translated poems essarci

Poems by panch dharm
TO DAY                                 Translation by- Essarci
Children finish their play
With in mobile phones
hold they in their palm.
Mobile phone enquiries shrink
Kith and kin links we have.
Sits simply a passive mobile
In our palm gently.

Let the new year be dawn
With sweet candy taste.
Bring many more success
Paddy grains gathered a lot.
All you should prosper
Get away evil at once.
The whole world witness this year
Fetching uninterrupted goodness.

A drop from my daddy
In your womb
Slept I  well for ten months
Made me you see the universe.
Your lullaby still I lingringr
In my both ears.
Voice of infant might have
Made you smile.
Wondered you on seeing me trottle.
Eveyday  you  suffererd
For me a lot.
Let any can look down upon you
I admire you ever.
Seeing me a babe
Might have pleasure dwelt in you.
Followed me in all my walks of life..
My wife I will ask her
To treat you as her mother.
Keeping you in my heart
Salute I my mother.
Let yourself reborn to me as my daughter
That boon I crave for.

Wiped out my pocket money
Enjoyed I your love
To you I lose my heart.
But married you some one
Grieved much I.
Turned slim grown beard walks as corpse.
No more I am. Wait I in grave
As a lover of you in a tomb.

Toiling countrymen you are.
Day dawn with sweat.
You urbanites hold umbrella in sunshine.
For a heavy downpour from sky
Villagers hold no umbrella.
Town troublesome and village is healthy..


Father draws monthly pension
Sons respect him without tension.


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